Delta Children’s Furniture Show Room, and Review

Delta Children’s Furniture Show Room, and Review


You know what parenting trend I just can’t stand?  Expensive kids furniture!  Well, maybe it’s not so much that I can’t stand it but that I just don’t understand it.  I have tons of Mom friends who run off to buy a crib or register for one at Pottery Barn Kids, Land of Nod or similar the second they are pregnant.  They spend thousands of dollars on gorgeous furniture- for a baby.  Yes a baby, who cannot see colors, can hardly tell the difference between a crib and a cardboard box and most likely just wants to sleep in their mother’s bed.  I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it.  More power too ya if that’s you.  I’d just rather put the insane amounts some people spend on furniture into a trust or 529 for my children rather than spend it on nursery furniture.  Well, my own brother was one of those people.  He bought a really nice crib for his first daughter.  I get it folks.  Your long awaited Prince or Princess deserves to be spoiled.  Well, his Princess is now 20.  So when I had my daughter 6 years ago- I took his crib and used it.  They saved it 15 years, we used it and  have since given it back.  I suppose they are hoping to one day use it for their grandchildren.  Maybe it’s an argument for buying “good” furniture- it lasts; but truthfully, while the crib was beautiful what appealed most to me about it is that it was free!  So, it got me thinking- why can’t kids quality furniture be both inexpensive (or at least reasonable) and quality.  Well, a few weeks ago I learned it can.

I was invited to visit the Delta Children’s Furniture Showroom in Manhattan.  I’ll be honest- at the time the name rang a bell, but I wasn’t really familiar with the brand.  When I think children’s furniture, the first thing I think about is toddler’s beds.  After all, it is the one piece of furniture very specific to children.  Had you said “baby,” I would have thought “crib.”  Much to my surprise, Delta is about a lot more than cribs and toddler beds.  First of all, when we went I had my two year old son in tow.  And if you don’t know him- you should know he is one of those two year old tornado types.  I had no idea what I was in for- mostly just praying my tornado would behave.  Well, luckily a children’s furniture showroom is a fun place for children!  Duh, why didn’t I think of that before?  He whizzed in as soon as he saw the bright colors of the toddler furniture and the familiar faces of some of his favorite characters, Disney Cars, Ninja Turtles, Paw Patrol, Mickey Mouse, and more.

So the first thing we checked out was the toddler furniture- much to my delight it was nice to see that this meant more than just toddler beds.  Sure they had them, but they also had tables, toy storage, comfy chairs and more.  What I liked about the character furniture was that the majority of it was made from wood- not some cheap plastic.  They did have a few pieces made of plastic if that’s your preference, but the heavy durable kind- like the Lightening McQueen bed (my son loved) and the Disney Princess bed.  Both of those convert from an adorable toddler bed with storage into a functional and equally cute twin.  Best of all, many of the items we saw are made to hold 200 lbs; so they are durable as well as reasonably priced.


One item I saw that I loved was their kid’s “club chairs.”  I admit I have two Pottery Barn Anywhere chairs.  They are adorable, expensive and they do get used a lot.  But they take up a lot of space when I want to relocate them for company.  Well, Delta has “club chairs” for the kids.  Similar to the anywhere chairs in size, but the inside is inflatable!  (Game changer!) So you can easily inflate/ reflate them for storage.  What’s more is there retail price is a fraction of the super popular anywhere chairs- right around $35 depending on the retailer and let’s be honest, your kids will like these better because they have their favorite characters.


If toddler character furniture doesn’t interest you they also have classic looking furniture for the tots. Equal parts well made and reasonably priced.  Delta doesn’t just have items for toddlers though.  They have a full line of Baby furniture.  Gorgeous cribs, gliders, changing tables, strollers, play yards and more.

IMG_7260.PNG     IMG_7261.PNG           IMG_7263.PNG

IMG_7262.PNG          IMG_7253.PNG           IMG_7264.PNG

One item my son was drawn to was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Table & Chairs with Storage.  It’s a table with storage in the center unit and two chairs that match and can hold up to 50lbs.  (Although I have sat on them a few times and I admit to being slightly over 50 lbs.) The table is made of painted wood, comes in a variety of characters and wipes clean easily.  There was no way we were going home without it.  I was apprehensive if my now 6 year old daughter would fit but she fits just fine underneath it.   They love using it and it’s the perfect addition to our playroom.  My children like to use it for crafts and they store crayons, markers and other supplies in the center.

IMG_7250.PNG    IMG_7251.PNG

Delta has graciously offered to GIVEAWAY one TMNT Table & Chairs set to one lucky Apple Moms reader!  If you’re not the lucky winner- Delta furniture is available at Amazon, Babies R Us, Baby Depot, Buy Buy Baby, Kmart, Sears, Target, Toys R Us, Walmart and Wayfair, to name a few, and we encourage you to consider them for your next furniture purchase.

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Disclosure:  We were invited to this event as media and received the TMNT free for an honest review.  No other compensation was exchanged and as always my opinion is always 100% honest.

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