Walkers Shortbread Mini Cookies Review


Walkers Shortbread Cookies are delicious and these packages are perfect size for treats for kids, a party you’re hosting or to bring as a gift for someone you are visiting.  The kids and I have been stuck in a lot lately with all this snow and snow days.  I decided to decorate and eat the Walkers Shortbread Mini Fingers and Mini Rounds with them.  They are delicious with and without the frosting.

walkersshortbrd-1Highlanders Stack with Bite

Just a container of vanilla frosting, candy hearts and plastic knives and the kids dug in.  They ate while decorating and also shared with me, how sweet.  These are a great alternative if you are not a baker (I burn water) so to have ready to go cookies that were small for them was perfect.  Did I mention delicious?


We started with a plate each of the cookies.  Then the fun (mess) began with the icing and hearts as the kids put it on the cookies.

image   image

They were very into their work.




Eating and the finished product for the kids. YUM! image

These bags cam be picked up for $3.69 MSPR. To find out where to buy them check out: http://us.walkersshortbread.com

You can also find them on Twitter: @shortbread   and IG: walkersshortbread




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