National Dog Week 2015

National Dog Week 2015


Did you know that this week is National Dog Week (September 20th – 26th), dug into their database to uncover which dog breeds are trending from coast to coast. While you may think you know what dogs take the top spot, you may actually be surprised by the results! Some cool findings include:

  • Labs and Chihuahuas Rule the Roost: Of the 51 states (including DC), 50 states list the Labrador Retriever as their number one breed – that’s 98% of the US! The Chihuahua takes the lead as the number 2 breed in 19 of those states, totaling more than 37%.
  • Pitbulls are not the baddest bark on the block: Out of the 51 states (including DC), the Pitbull mix has seen the greatest increase in adoptions over the past year. A total of 10 states showed an increase in the Pitbull breed, with a listed increase totaled at more than 4000%.
  • FDR’s favorite pup is no longer presidential: The Scottish Terrier has seen the least percentage lift over the past year, showing an increase of only 6.7% in Connecticut alone.
  • Large pups make the family: Looking at the top 3 breeds across all 51 states (including DC), larger dog breeds make up a total of more than 63% of the total breeds – the top being Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers.Top-Trending-Dog-Breeds-by-State-Infographic-2

While none of our breeds made the list, English Pointer and Boykin Spaniel, they are specific hunting dogs, not normal family pets.   Happy National Dog Week!

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