When Mommy Has Our Baby Book Review

When Mommy Has Our Baby Book Review


There is a great book out for Moms and Kids for when when a second child is expected.  Often I see moms asking what to do, get or buy for the first child to prepare them for their new sibling on the way.  This book, When Mommy Has Our Baby by Rachel A. Cedar is a great gift for an older sibling before the birth of the baby.  What stood out first to me was the word “OUR”, when I was expecting my second one of the best tips i received about getting Jack ready for the new baby (he was 15 months when his sister was born), was using the words OUR or THEIR baby.  Those words give the sibling ownership, its not just the parents’ baby.  This also helped with the immediate bond the kids form with each other.

In When Mommy Has Our Baby, there are prompting questions to ask your child as you read, the book is also told from the perspective of a child who is also becoming a big brother or sister, talk to them instead of at them.  Another great point to mention is it starts while the mom is pregnant and discusses what the child will do while his mom is at the hospital, who they will stay with.  It prepares the child with the whole picture of when their mom has a baby, being in a hospital, visiting and then when everyone comes home.

Rachel A. Cedar is a mom of two boys and creator of You Plus Two Parenting.  Rachel is also a social worker with clinical experience working with moms; she also runs webinars, events, and parenting groups all over NYC, for those nearby look into attending her events, for those far she offers webinars, check them out here. Check her out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest today!


Disclosure:  I received a copy of this book, no other compensation was received.  All my opinions are as always honest and 100% my own.  


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