Lakeshore Toys Holiday Preview

Lakeshore Toys Holiday Preview

As a teacher and a mom, I love toys.  Lakeshore is a staple in almost all classrooms I have been in, as well as my home.   Their motto “Gifts for Growing Minds” is true, they make great toys to buy for gifts for parties. These toys will be out in September, get ready! These are my top picks:

Babies & Tots

imageForest Friends Playlet 19.99–  Great for teaching directions, vocabulary words and imitating sounds with the younger ages.

Stack & Roll Wooden Race Cars 19.99– Set of 5 wooden cars, great for vocabulary lessons (top, middle bottom), reciprocity play (ready, set, go).  I can see these in my teaching bag and a new favorite for my younger students.

Just Imagineimage

Dollhouse Designer 49.99– Kids can create their own dollhouses with panels and connectors over and over again, each time making it a little bit different. STEM toy.

Creative Kidsimage

My First Fashion Designer 19.99- Little girls can create clothing designs without sewing or cutting and do it over and over again.  This is a perfect gift for girls ages 4+

Cardboard Creator Tool Kit 24.99- With all the packages I have coming, I mean what family does not online shop, this is a great way to reuse and recycle boxes.  The kids can create spaceships and forts, ideas are endless (although it does come with an idea guide).  Prefect for boys/girls and rainy days.

Spiral Art Design Center 19.99- Classic! I remember playing with these when I was a kid, using different colors and making amazing designs.  My kids haven’t stopped playing with it, compact and everything fits inside or on the outside so travel fun too.

Love to Learn

The Maze Cube 19.99- I love games like this, they are perfect for car rides, travel, waiting at restaurants and down time.  This boosts problem solving skills, and provides hours of play.

Counting Car 39.99- A teachers tool! This includes ten cars and sixty passengers ready for visual/tangible counting.  Perfect for preschoolers learns to count, compare, and play with.  “Can you pass me the car with eight passengers?” I cannot wait to use these with my young students.

Young Scientists

Survive the Quake Engineering Kit 29.99-  I had fun testing this, build a building and test its strength with five levels of intensity.  Benefits of this STEM toy: engineering introduction, critical building and cause & effect skills. Which building will last the longest? Start a family competition.

Design & Buildimage

The Ultimate Fort Builder 49.99- This set with 45 poles and 25 connectors your child can play and build whatever they can imagine.  This set promotes open-ended building, design process and teaching the kids to follow printed directions/plans.

Keep an eye out this Fall for these products to pop up in stores.  Great toys for back to school, presents and holiday gifts.


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