June Top 5 with Karen

June Top 5 with Karen


Reading-  Catching up on magazines since I don’t want to move them. Entertainment Weekly, People, Parents and HGTV currently, the rest I have switched to digitally copies.

Eating-  I am working on eating more fruit instead of candy.  Doesn’t hurt when you go into the cabinet for those Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies to find them empty, thanks kids.

Doing-  Packing! We sold our house, did I mention this yet? So I am packing room everything we can live without during our transition.  We have no idea where we are going but in a month have to be out when we close.  Two kids and summer approaching, I can’t leave everything until the last minute so I have a goal of 2-4 boxes a day.  I am also super stressed by this.

Shopping–  Most shopping has been stopped. While packing I can’t bring more into here.  Does shopping for houses count? Since we are still on the search.

Visiting- Last week I chaperoned my kids field trip to the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, CT.  A great little aquarium located close to the Hudson Valley, especially Westchester and Putnam Counties.  It was fun to see their friends, fish, IMAX movie and pet sharks and sting rays.  We did the Crazy Kid Fun Run and we went to Rhinebeck for the Country Living Fair at the Dutchess County Fair Grounds.  This weekend we are going to Field Station: Dinosaur and MONSTER JAM.  We have had a very busy June so far.

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