And we have… LIFT OFF!!


June 4th, 2013

Apple Tots in the Hudson Valley was created by 2 moms with 3 tots between us to try and bring a few of our favorite things into 1 place, this blog. Whether it is shopping deals, gear reviews, latest trends and events going around us, in the Hudson Valley.  Other moms can do it so why not us?

Our launch we hope brings more readers, like you, information of what our area and your towns have to offer.  Our opinions (and yours) on what is “tot” approved, and giveaways on those items and we continue to line up companies to host.  With summer officially approaching, now is a better time to start then ever, our area is beautiful so why not explore!
In the coming days, weeks and months we will continue to inform our readers on what is going on around us, such as, the fairs, carnivals and parades for you to enjoy with your families.  Tips, tricks and secrets too! People come from all over to our area to enjoy what is right in our backyard, remember that.  As well as the best sales, where to go for best prices on items and how to save money on many things.
We hope you like what you see, as we continue to grow, and please feel free to share you questions, comments and concerns and more importantly what else you want to see.