I’ve been practicing yoga for over 15 years now.  Since I’ve become a Mom my practice has been more important than ever and alas, more neglected than ever.  But what is yoga?  Truth be told, if you read the books or study the gurus, yoga is actually much more than just the physical practice.  Yoga by Sanskrit definition means “union” or “discipline.”  But what yoga is all about is connection.  In the physical practice we connect body to breath, in our day to day life yoga is connecting spiritually and mentally.  The secret of yoga, or the goal if you will, is awareness.  So just because my physical practice is lacking doesn’t mean yoga isn’t part of my everyday life.

Enter, the YOGISURPRISE monthly box.  As a long time yogi I admit I got excited when I first heard of the yogisurprise box, likewise I’m sure some people would hear of it and roll there eyes, “how do you put yoga in a box?” Well, I’m hear to tell you…

Our first YOGISURPRISE box arrived in a cute purple patterned box. My eight year old daughter immediately grabbed it and just had to know what was inside based on the box alone.  She read YOGISURPRISE and said “can I open it with you?”  She herself has been “practicing” with me since she was 2.  My eyes were immediately drawn to the packaging saying “Your retreat in a box” and “Love yourself.”  Who couldn’t use a little more self love?  So we dug right in. Use APPLEMOMS and receive 15% off for life.

Our box included:

  • A YogiSurprise sequence card- a small card showing a short sequence of poses with illustrations English and Sanskrit name
  • A Peaceful Warrior Pouch
  • A headband from Headbands for Hope
  • A Path of Light Hand Lotion
  • A WooBamboo Toothbrush
  • A This Bar Saves Lives bar
  • and Justea
  • along with a Giving Back card- which explains the products included and the retail costs.  Along with what charity will receive a portion of the monthly proceeds.

I admit I was most excited to try the products.  Tea was just what I was craving.  So I whipped it right up.  Yum!  African Chai!  My daughter immediately claimed dibs on the headband and toothbrush.  SHE explained to ME (after reading the insert) that the toothbrush was biodegradable and that by using this toothbrush (ie. buying this brand) she was helping to provide toothbrush and oral care to children in need.  I mean that, right there folks, is yoga.  My eight year old emoji and iPod loving daughter getting excited about giving back and being eco-conscientious! Perhaps my favorite experience of the whole box was my 5 year old son coming into the kitchen to see what all the commotion was about.  As my daughter and I excitedly shuffled through the box I wasn’t paying much attention to him until I realized my little guy had taken the sequence card and started practicing the suggested poses all on his own!

So I decided to join him.  I mean I may not always have time for a full blown practice but we can always squeeze in a short six pose sequence and some family time to connect to our loved ones and connect to ourselves.  Yoga!

Disclaimer: We were given Yogisurprise box for free to try and review.  We are so grateful!  All opinions are unbiased and our own.


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