WubbleX Review

WubbleX Review

WubbleXJack and I checked out the WubbleX, it is adorable, fun and we are here to tell you what NOT to do with.  Do not go OUTSIDE with the Wubble X.   Total mom blond moment, having the Wubble Balls in the past, we played outside.  Something about the helium should have clicked. Nope.


So we laid out the kit on our front steps. It is so tiny before blowing up. We followed the directions and blew it up. Jack wanted to film a video to show how to play with it. Since there is helium involved, parental supervision is required.



Why we loved the WubbleX Ball:

  • This is one ball that doesn’t hurt anyone
  • a 9 inch ball to float, throw, catch and bounce (soft services)
  • Works INDOORS
  • Helium sold separately

NOTE: needs helium for each fill
Want to buy one? Check here to find out where you can get one, perfect holiday gift for the kids on your lists. MSRP $7.99 & a can of helium  (not included) in stores.

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We received a WubbleX to review, no other compensation was received.

All opinions are our own as always.

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