Why you need to go to Mess Fest

Why you need to go to Mess Fest

The Muddy Puddles Project which just celebrated it’s 5th Mess Fest, is a local Hudson Valley charity for pediatric cancer.    The charity was founded by Cindy Campbell and inspired by her 5-year-old son, Ty, who loved Peppa Pig and dreamed of jumping in muddy puddles (just like Peppa loves to do) when he got better. Unfortunately, he never got the chance. Since Ty’s passing, families nationwide have joined the mission, bringing more awareness to the cause in his name by hosting their own “Welly Walks” and taking part in “Mess Fest” events to honor all kids who are battling cancer and unable to enjoy such simple pleasures of childhood.

Getting ready to zipline

Pond, Fields Kiwi County Day Camp has it all

Annually the Mess Fest raised money for cancer but also is a day out for children to have fun and bond with one another while getting dirty.  The biggest objective of Mess Fest is to be MESSY!!  A full day of activities at Kiwi Country Day Camp, zip lining, swimming, boating, jumping, and obstacle courses.  Peppa Pig was there to greet fans too. We loved the obstacle course and getting colors thrown at us.  My son was a rainbow.  Local businesses also lend their support with games, sponsorships and food tents.  The love in the community really shined through August 5th.

When tickets go on sale for next summer make sure to get them, you will not be disappointed. Check out the Muddy Puddles Project.


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