Where to Host Parties in the Hudson Valley Part 2: Putnam and Dutchess

Where to Host Parties in the Hudson Valley Part 2: Putnam and Dutchess
Birthday Parties- everyone always has questions on where to hold them, what is best, prices and opinions: have you been to a party there or hosted a party there.  So we asked our mom-experts to pick out a few party places in their county to share the places they like the best.  This will be done in a 3 part series. 


(written by Jenn)

Wings Over Water
Website: Wings Over Water
Best ages: 4 and up
Average cost: $285 for 15 children (plus adults if needed)
Does it include anything special: includes invitations, paper goods, Baskin Robbins birthday cake, candles, juice, one dozen latex balloons and a Happy Birthday mylar balloon, plus a special WOW gift for the birthday child
General information: Only available Saturday and Sunday afternoons, the party begins in the water for one hour, then continues in the decorated party room for 45 minutes with refreshments. Upon request structured activities and music are available (volleyball, basketball, or water polo).
FB page: www.facebook.com/wingsoverwaterschoolofswimming
Additional info: We have attended two parties here and my daughter loved it.  It can be a bit of a pain for parents of younger children since they have to be in the water with their kids.  However, it’s a great winter party venue since it’s nice and warm, and how doesn’t want to swim anytime of year?  The only hard part is that they hold the parties only during Family Swim time which can get a little crowded especially during the Winter session of swim lessons, since the family swim time is included with the cost of class. 

VeGa Gymnastics
Website: www.gymnasticsatvega.com
Best ages: 2 and up (under 5 must have a parent on the floor)
Average cost: $260 for 12 kids
General information: Available party times Saturday 3:00-4:30 | 5:00-6:30
Sunday 10:30-12:00 | 12:30-2:00 | 2:30-4:00 | 4:30-6:00
Our birthday party includes an hour and a half of action-packed fun. The first hour is spent inside the gym, where your children will be supervised by our trained staff. Your children will jump, swing, tumble, climb, and play through obstable courses. The last half hour will be spent inside our colorful party room where the party continues with beverages and food.
You provide the food, cake and beverages and we provide the Fun, Great Staff, Excellent service, and clean-up.

FB pagewww.facebook.com/pages/VeGa-Gymnastics/288243861202495
Additional info: My 4 year old has been doing gymnastics here for the past two years and we LOVE it.  We have gone to two parties there as well, for gymnastics friends and they are a blast.  The kids get a ton of energy out, the staff is super engaging and organized.  The gym is kept very clean and is very well maintained. 
Carmel Cinema
Website: www.carmelcinema8.com/prices/birthdays-parties-theater-rentals/
Best ages: 4 and up (they need to sit through a movie)
Average cost: $225 for 12 kids
Does it include anything special:  A theater exclusively for your party! Popcorn and Drinks with free refills for the kids Use of the theater for 30 minutes after the movie for pizza and/or cake time. We supply table, tablecloth and all the paper goods.
General information: Parties are held on Saturday or Sunday at 10am and typically run 2 1/2 hours, you can bring your own DVD (so everyone can watch your kid’s favorite movie) or watch anything that is available in the theatre at the time.
FB page: www.facebook.com/carmelcinema
Additional info: My daughter has been to two parties there, and had a good time at both.  I have to go by her recommendation as the baby had just been born so I wasn’t able to attend! 

(written by Christine)

Bounce on it Poughkeepsie
Best ages: 2 and up
Average cost: $225 for 12 kids
Does it include anything special:  Parties start at $325. For 11 kids including birthday child can add additional children for a fee. Each party has open bounce time a private party room for pizza and refreshments. Included in party pizza, bottled water or juice box, paper products, invitations and set up and clean up.
General information:2 Neptune Road Poughkeepsie NY 12601 845-206-4555
Best ages: 2 and up
Average cost: $225 for 12 kids
Does it include anything special: Poughkidsie offers two types of standard parties. A studio part includes 7 kids plus the birthday child and a village party includes 11 children plus birthday child. Parties include pizza, juice, paper products, invitations, thank yous, and one party favor per child. There are various add one available for each party. Also you may add additional children for a fee 
General information: 25 Van Wagner Road Poughkeepsie, NY 12603 (845)-243-3750 

Mid Hudson Childrens Museum
Website: www.mhcm.org
Best ages: 2 and up
Average cost: $165 and up depending on type of party and number of children
Does it include anything special:You and your guests have a reserved space with tables and chairs for two hours You and your guests have access to the museum exhibits and free activities. Each child party guest receives a free child admission pass for use on a future visit. You provide all food, beverages and paper products.
General Information: 75 North Water Street Poughkeepsie, NY 12601