Very Hungry Caterpillar NYC

Very Hungry Caterpillar NYC

My two sons (5 and 2.5 years old), my husband and myself had the pleasure of heading down to the Big Apple to view “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” at Union Square.  It was my boy’s first trip to New York City and seeing all the skyscrapers, in and of itself was excitement enough for two young children. We received tickets to see the show and facilitate this review. 

With that experience just being part of our day, the larger part of the enjoyment came when we viewed the show. Upon arrival, we waited in an area equipped with a single use bathroom. Unfortunately, there was a large crowd and the line for the bathroom did get quite long. This certainly didn’t deter us, but I’d make sure to use “the potty” before hand when and if we see another show at the DR2 Theatre. The lobby area had a coloring station for the children to color butterflies and animals pertaining to the show.  A small gift shop, which sold stuffed caterpillars (both large and small) as well as “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” books, also donned the front part of the lobby. It definitely served as a way to peek the children’s interest and spend a couple extra bucks, if you chose to do so.

Prior to entering just outside the theater doors, there was a Step and Repeat screen where you could pose for a photograph with your family. Once in the theater we were ushered back to our seats, which had plenty of foot room to sit comfortably. The show was to start at 4pm. To our dismay it didn’t actually begin until 4:15. Under normal circumstances this would not be an issue. However, in dealing with quite a feisty, energetic and determined 2.5 year mini human with a very large testament, that 15 minute gap did feel like 5 hours.

Alas, once the show began the four of us settled back to watch what was a very enjoyable show, even the “mini-human” was captivated. The first segment of the show retold the story of “Brown Bear”. Three actors performed all the scenes to this story using large sized puppets. In fact, they did this for all three books which were performed that day to also include “10 Little Rubber Ducks” and of course “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. Each said book took place in roughly a 15 minute increment and segwayed quite succinctly from one story book to the next. The performance was over by 5pm and lasted a total of 45 minutes once it began.

They loved it!!

Some of the audience was asked to stay seated at the end of the show to meet the actors up close and personal. We did not have that privilege and were quickly able to exit the theatre and on to the next phase of our day in the Big Apple. All in all, I would recommend this show to other viewers interested. It was engaging, colorful and the perfect length of time for little ones, despite the late start.

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About the Author:  Megan is a mom of two boys.  She assists with their crime fighting superhero ways by making sure they are fed between saving the world.

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