Traveling with Groupon #Groupon #ad

Traveling with Groupon #Groupon #ad

Traveling with Groupon 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine.

Most moms love to save money.  We also are the ones who book travel, short or long and activities to do while we are on trips. Let’s face it we moms do it all.   As a Hudson Valley based business, we are located very close to New York City.   Did you know that Groupon has a special Things to Do section?  We have all had moments where we want to be a tourist in our home city.

Routinely when friends and family come to visit, this is the place to check.  Musicals, movies and tours are on this, again as moms we know that going as a family and with more people, it adds up quickly. This is a great way to save and still have fun.  Or do even more.


Groupon Things to Do

With the holidays approaching, these also make great gifts, send grandma on a bus tour, your favorite babysitter to a concert or game.  We all have that person we can never think of what to give them, Things to Do section can help.

Samples of Deals:

  • Cruise around NYC Harbors taking in the sights
  • Haunted Hay Rides
  • Bus Tours
  • Sporting Events
  • Movies and more.

Checking on Groupon before you buy tickets needs to be added to your routine.  This is FREE- free to search, to use and to buy.  Groupon is there to SAVE YOU MONEY.  When is your next trip?

Where will you go with Groupon?

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