Toy Tuesday: Easter Basket Ideas

Toy Tuesday: Easter Basket Ideas

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Easter is around the corner.  Which means the bunny is going to be dropping off basket for the kids soon.  They will be thinking toys and candy.  I really work on avoiding candy from me, as I know egg hunts and grandparents will be giving them.  Surprise eggs are still all the rage, so why not make your own?  I have been putting little toys in eggs for the past 3 years and blind bags (modern day eggs?)

So what are my kids getting this year? Check out my 5 top picks.

Trolls- We are obsessed with these toys, we started collecting them before the movie even came out.  Fuzzbert is my favorite, Harper, Guy Diamond, Branch, so many to play and collect. “Oh Snap!”- name the character! Between the smaller play sets and the blind bags.


Splashlings– Ocean tiny mermaid and friend creatures are a highly sought out collectible this spring.  Wave 2 now features ultra rare color changing characters. Coming in multi-packs, play sets, blind bags and Splashlings Collector Shell are some of the choices.  Hide the small figures in the eggs while the play sets, now at Walmart and other retailers, are placed in the basket.  We love these cute Ocean toys.   Prices start at $2.99

Thomas MINIS– I am at the point I collect these too, I mean I am the self declared Thomas Mom.   The latest to be added have been Bob the Builder collection.  We have found one in a 6-pack so far.  Build bags 2017 Wave 2 have not been released yet but Wave 1 is everywhere.  These are one of my favorite reward, gift and special treat toys since they are one of the cheapest!  at $1.49 in Target, and they fit PERFECTLY inside eggs.  We used the the past 2 Easters also.

TSUM TSUM-  Can you resist these adorable Disney based stackable characters?  The special Easter/Spring blind bags have the characters in pastel colors, we got Ariel first.  My daughter was hooked with the Little Mermaid.   You can purchased blind bags or sets and hide them in eggs individually.  For boys, girls, everyone is collecting and trading Tsum Tsums right now.

Schleich– Makes the best figurines and with the new “The Smurfs” movie coming out during spring break what better timing?  The Schleich Farm collection has Barns, accessories and so many adorable animals.  My kids have been getting them at the Tractor Supply store and other speciality shops.  The smaller animals fit great inside eggs. Schleich are a forever collectible too.

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