Top 5 with Nicole

Top 5 with Nicole

Reading-  I’m currently half way through “If You Feel Too Much: Thoughts on Things Found and Lost and Hoped For” by Jamie Tworkowski.  It’s a departure from my usual book genre of choice which would be Historical Fiction.  I was inspired to read this book as I have read a book by the author “To Write Love on Her Arms” which is somewhat of a prequel to this book.  (Side note: TWLOHA was an amazing read and has resulted in the creation of a non-profit dedicated to helping those who suffer with Metal Health.)   I suffer with my own Mental Illness and am a proud Mental Health Advocate who firmly believes in reducing the stigma around Metal Illness.  But here’s the thing, everyone should read this book.  Not just people who suffer from Metal Illness or those who “feel too much.”  Pretty much everyone who breathes.  Without giving too much away, what this book offers is perspective.  It acts as a literary pat on the back and makes you want to meet the author and give him a hug!  If nothing else, it helps restore your faith that “good people” exist in this world.  

Eating- For the past few weeks we have been rotating meal delivery services and trying to find out which we like best.  It all started when a friend sent me a discount code for Blue Apron.  A few days later another one sent me a discount code for Marley Spoon.  Before I knew it I had tried Blue Apron, Marley Spoon and Hello Fresh.  As a SAHM, I feel like I live in my local Shop Rite and I have to say I love the convenience of having all the items delivered to my house.  No more forgetting, or running out of, one item crucial to the dish and lugging the kids into the car for a “quick” grocery run.  I was concerned originally about the expense, but I believe I’m actually saving money because I’m not at the store so much and therefore picking up less extras. It also has really helped me get out of my cooking “rut.”  I feel like I am always making the same thing and this mixes it up and even (gasp) has my children trying new items.

Have you tried any of these services?  Which one did you like best?  To be honest, we are still trying to decide.  For the most part I have been rotating delivery based on what dishes I liked the most.  Although I feel the portions of Hello Fresh to be the largest, the recipes seem to be simplest.  Marley Spoon often has the fanciest and more complicated ones if you are into kitchen adventure.  And Blue Apron, seems to be in the middle of the two.  Let me know if you have any recommendations of any others to try!

Doing- Listing our home and looking for a new one!  We’ve been spending the last few weeks tidying up our house.  We are trying to de-clutter our home and have been moving items without immediate need to our storage unit.  As I type, our windows are being cleaned and our listing will go live later today!  We are very excited and also very nervous.  We are somewhere between keeping our kids in the same school (which we love) and changing school districts entirely.  Fingers crossed!

Shopping– I suppose you could say we are doing to opposite of shopping and trying to accumulate less items.  Well for the time being 😉  In the adventures in cleaning the last few weeks, I discovered a great product I thought I would share with you all.  Are you familiar with the old trick of dusting your home with a used dryer sheet?  This trick was passed down in my family from my Grandmother and it works great, as the dust is meant to stick to the cloth.  However, I have recently discovered Clorox Triple Action Dust Wipes and to be honest they work even better.  Since it is a dry wipe I even feel good about having the kids use them.

Visiting- This coming Saturday (4/29) we are visiting the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville for the first time.  We are going to hear a reading of “Happy Dreamer” and to meet the author/ illustrator Peter H. Reynolds.   There will be coloring stations and a lesson on animation.  My 7 year old loves to draw and is super excited about this.  Reynolds is also the author of the children’s favorite “the Dot” which both my kids just love!  And most importantly to my seven year old, he illustrated the Judy Moody series!

Did you know the film center offers more than just films?  Have you been to an event you liked there?  Let us know!  Better yet, sign up to come to the reading and we’ll see you there!

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