Top 5 with Casey

Top 5 with Casey

Reading-  Recipes, recipes, recipes! I’ve been doing my best to eat better and lose the baby weight.  One of my favorite chefs and bloggers is Gina Homolka’s Skinnytaste.  I have made several of her recipes and haven’t found one that I didn’t like.  Bonus, the whole family loves them too!  Both of her cookbooks have been within reach the last few weeks as I meal plan.


Eating- Since I’ve been trying my best to tackle the baby weight, I need to be better about eating breakfast.  One of my favorite filling and easy to make breakfasts are oatmeal singles.  Oatmeal singles are basically oatmeal muffins that are incredibly delicious.  Now that strawberries are not insanely expensive, I made these this weekend.  Emily Bites: Strawberry Banana Oatmeal Singles  My 6 year old loves them (she stole mine this morning) and they freeze nicely.

Shopping– Full on Easter Basket shopping!  I’m on the hunt for non-candy items that will fit into eggs for our egg hunt Easter morning.  So far I have socks, LEGO minifigures and seed packets.  Any favorite ideas?

Doing- Spring Cleaning!  The weather has been beautiful the last few days.  It’s the perfect time to open up the windows and air the house out.  Now that the baby is on the move, we need to keep the floors clean and small items out of reach.

Visiting- This weekend is the Sheep-to-Shawl event at Philipsburg Manor from 10-5pm both days.  My family and I are going on Sunday.  We love these events put on by the Historical Hudson Valley.  Stepping back into the 18th Century, showing my daughter there was fun and things to do before TV, tablets and video games.

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