Tips to TRY and Keep Organized During the School Week

Tips to TRY and Keep Organized During the School Week

As a working mom of two elementary aged school children (Kindergarten and First Grade) who participate in every afterschool activity you can think of I often wish I had 25 hours in a day.
I am generally terrible not so great not good with time management so I have been trying to come up with some helpful tricks to let my school nights and week run more smoothly, which in turn may help me maintain my sanity just a little bit longer.
I am happy to share my little “tricks” and perhaps they may help save you 10-15 minutes of aggravation!
On Sunday nights I like to grab the lunch menu and review it with the kids for the week. We read what will be served each day and they decide whether or not they plan on buying or bringing. (Yes, I do realize these things are subject to change on a moment’s notice but it does help give a picture of what lies ahead of me for the week).
My kids both require a snack to be sent in daily. In addition, they will most times need a lunch packed based upon their menu choice. (On Thursdays they have CCD immediately after school which require an additonal snack each!) I try to get their snacks and lunches made at night once the kids have gone to bed to avoid adding to the morning rat race.
I always set out my materials before I get started so I can plan accordingly as I pack everything.
Laying out the snack and lunch bags all at once really helps me as I go through food options. Once the snacks and lunches are set up, everything is labeled and set in the fridge or counter and will be ready to go into backpacks in the morning!
(Don’t mind the stack of dishes in the background. The shelf in my cabinet broke mid prep… but, that’s life.)

. In addition to prepping lunches and snacks at night some other time saving tips you can do are:

  •   Write all correspondence to teachers at night (bus pass, sick notes, field trip forms) and have folders in backpacks ready to go.
  •  Pick out, you or your kids, outfits for the following day. My current method of picking the next day’s outfit has really helped. My next goal is to pick out a week 
  • Prepare needed bags/uniforms/equipment for extracurricular activities! My kids participate in soccer, dance, karate and other seasonal sports. I always try to make sure their things are together so when I’m rushing home from work, getting the kids from the bus and rushing to the activity I do not have to run around looking for ballet shoes or shin guards! (May I add… dance occurs 3 time a week, karate is the same day as CCD and soccer occurs at the same time as one of the dance  classes….) If I didn’t keep this organized I’d lose my mind! I sometimes do!

I realize this isn’t rocket science, but who needs rocket science to save themselves a little

sanity! Good luck!

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