Tiggly Review for Shapes and Math

Tiggly Review for Shapes and Math

Tiggly started with Shapes and just added Math, must have toys for this holiday season, both educational and fun perfect for kids 18months and up.  I was able to review both Tiggly Shapes and Math with my kids and students. Here is our Tiggly Review for Shapes and Math sets. 

Tiggly Shapes and Math

Back in July, I received a set of Tiggly Shapes for my kids to try, from the start they were hooked.  They love the iPad and apps, as a mom/teacher I want educational based apps, and something that works for both my kids, ages 3 & 4.  Instantly intrigued by “things” to go onto the iPad they started to play.  HOOKED!  “Mommy I found a star, circle.  Mommy look at my picture with snow!”  The different apps build on skills, all free in the app store with a Holiday Edition at $1.99.

Tiggly Shapes have also been in my work bag to use with my students since September and most recently I was able to share with fellow Apple  Moms who attended our MNO event and went home with Tiggly Shapes.  Each set includes felt bag to store pieces with great price of $29.95 and can be purchased on Tiggly.com


The different apps build on skills, all free in the app store with a Holiday Edition at $1.99. Tiggly Shapes looks at spatial reasoning, creative thinking, motor skills, language and shape recognition.  Tiggly Counts examines counting, sorting, set making, math symbols and problem solving.  Two toys, 6 apps and all those skills!


Tiggly Shapes: Tiggly Stamp, Tiggly Safari, Tiggly Draw.

Tiggly Math: Tiggly Cardtoons, Tiggly Chef, and Tiggly Addventures

image image image



One of my favorite apps is Tiggly Stamp for the shapes, then you can record a story using the microphone and then play back.  This has been great for my students working on speech skills and listening to themselves in another way describing a picture they made.  Tiggly Chef is a favorite of Jack’s, he loves to “cook” and make things using different foods and counting how many out, it asks for.  “Mom did you know I just counted 7 tomatoes? We need them for our dinner too”.  All this while learning how to problem solve and math symbols, win-win for this teacher-mom.


Tiggly Math Apps Tiggly_Math_1


Disclosure:  I received a free set of Tiggly Shapes from an event an was sent Tiggly Math for review.  All my opinions are 100% honest and as always my own.  These are so great, that I reached out and at our last MNO event every mom went home with their own  of Tiggly.

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