The Wonder of One Armed Moms

The Wonder of One Armed Moms

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Here at Apple Moms we thrive on all things Mama! We feature “Mom of the Week” along with “Small Business Saturday Mom”.  Its our way of acknowledging Moms who we all know what we are and what we do is usually overlooked and sometimes need some appreciation to remind us of how exceptional we all are.  On behalf of Apple Moms, I welcome you to share with us YOUR awesome mom-ness so we may feature you, or perhaps you know a awesome mom that deserves some recognition and reminder of her awesomeness?

I wanted to share with my fellow Mommy’s The Wonder of One Armed Moms.

I like to appreciate the little gifts life presents to me.  In the grand scheme of this life, it is the little things that can stand out the most.  For example: have you ever thought of how many things you can do one handed?  Just one of many symbols of our marvelous mom powers pause as I adjust my cape 😉  Its amazing to me when I can recall how many things I actually do on a daily basis with one hand.  Meal prep is the first task that comes to mind.  I’ve lost count as to how many meals I’ve prepared while holding/playing/feeding and yes even nursed while standing in my kitchen.  It really becomes second nature to have either a child in my arm and/or on my leg or both.  As with most things you learn on your journey thru mommy hood, the more you do it – the easier it is…right?!  Not to mention various other domestic tasks… laundry, dusting, vacuuming, loading the dishwasher, feeding the dog, watering the flowers. Whatever I can do to accomplish my task with minimal cries from the littles the better off we all are.  The act of personal hygiene: from teeth brushing to moisturizing to the application of makeup (if you have this luxury) and hair-drying.  What could be misconstrued as a mom who is lazy for the lack of care of her appearance is in reality the fact your not allowed the bliss of time to put into yourself.  How about carrying a child on your hip while committing to only making this one trip in the house with bag/mail/store bags in hand.  ME.  All the time.  Its just easier I think at the time to make one trip.  I’ve now mastered how many bags I can hang from each arm, bag across my body, baby in arm, with a little help from the door I can manage the ONE load and explode into the house. But that feeling that “I did it” followed by a “Whew” and onto the next  AGAIN… its the little accomplishments you have to allow your success.

This next task is defiantly a challenge (speaking from personal experience) visiting a public restroom.  With a child in your arms.. tricky doesn’t begin to describe- hovering, holding a child, kindly with gritted teeth reminding your toddler not to touch anything and completing the actual task.  Pat yourself on the back for that one Mommies!  Talking on the phone with kids around is usually always difficult.  So its a quite moment in my house, seems like the ideal time to make some informational phone calls. NOT.  I don’t know how or why but the moment the phone is in my hand and I’m in another room, they have that “moms-on-the-phone-lets-act-like-animals sense”.  The background noise level explodes in my house and now I know I’m on borrowed time. Oh and I have to hold the crying baby, the phone and try to write something as they baby grabs at my pen.

I can fondly remember a time when my husband was away on a trip, I was home with our 2 year daughter old and our newborn baby brother.  Our daughter was recently transitioning into a big girl bed and our bedtime routine consisted of a  story followed by back rubbing until her weary eyes rested for the night.  You know those times where you don’t have any other option but do it.  So there I was rocking infant baby in my left arm and rubbing my daughters back with my right.  I even got a good rhythm after a couple nights practice of that.  Point goes to awesome mom right here- Go me! So relieved when Daddy returned of course.

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