Stew Leonard’s #Back2Stews

Stew Leonard’s #Back2Stews

imageAlong with several other are blogging moms, we checked out Stew Leonard’s in Norwalk and behind the scenes.  Here in the Hudson Valley- Danbury and Yonkers are closer stores, and ones I frequent with the kids.  My kids LOVE Stew’s they even have a song “Stew Leonard’s is the place to be“- I cannot get off the highway in CT or go through the tolls in Yonkers without them singing.  They were ecstatic to meet Stew Jr. himself; The New York Times has said that Stew Leonard’s is an amusement park, like Disney.  We agree!



In 1969, Stew Leonard’s began as a small dairy store in Norwalk, Connecticut.  It has since grown to four retail locations in Connecticut and New York and has been listed on Fortune Magazines “100 Best Companies to Work For” for ten years in a row.  Upon entering Stew’s, their customer service philosophy is on display for all to see and consists of two “rules.”  Rule #1 “the customer is always right.”  Rule #2 “If the customer is ever wrong, reread rule #1.”  It’s this philosophy that has made Stew’s so successful and a delight to shop at.wpid-wp-1440543371844.jpg

We began our behind the scenes tour by being greeted by Stew Jr.   With a smile on his face and a warm handshake, Stew Jr. introduced us to his daughters and led us through the bakery.  We had the pleasure of meeting the head bakers, and the kids (and adults) were offered fresh baked cookies to enjoy while we toured the bakery and stock room.  The bakers start their day at 3 am!imagewpid-wp-1440543401000.jpg

As Stew Jr. led us through the store, we got to sample what makes Stew’s so successful, healthy and wholesome food from local farms and family businesses.  Did you know that Stew’s used to bottle their own milk on site?  What is left of the bottling is now a MOOseum which shows customers how the milk was packaged.  Stew’s also offers it’s own Naked line of fresh meat which contains no antibiotics, added hormones or preservatives.  They also offer Naked Lamb, Naked Beef, Naked Chicken, Naked Salmon, Naked Hot Dogs, Chicken Sausage and Naked Ham.

Now that Back to School is here, this is a one stop shop for your breakfast, lunch and dinner needs.  I am a huge fan of their pre-made meals, if you know me then you know I am not a cook. I can COOK with these meals and my favorite is the meatballs. I also love to visit during a meal time, between the samples or ordering hot food at the end and eating.  I can multitask inside.  Win-Win!


When shopping at Stew Leonard’s, with kids especially, there is entertainment throughout with animatronics. These are found either in full band set ups, by individual stands or flipping above your heads through the aisles. Pulling the rope to make the Cow “MOOO” is a favorite, or the Dixie Sticks (sticks of butter) is my personal favorite.wpid-wp-1440543384502.jpg


Stew’s website features many recipes and you know they have all the ingredients you need.

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Disclosure:  We were invited to Stew Leonard’s for a blogger event and received a gift bag, no other compensation was received. As always all opinions are my own and honest.

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