Small Business Saturday Mom Kwana

Small Business Saturday Mom Kwana


Meet our Small Business Saturday Mom Kwana Del Villar, mom of two from Nanuet.   Kwan is an event and wedding planner along with friends.  We are happy to feature her as our latest Apple Mom, check out how she manages work and motherhood.kea3

When did you start your business?  KEA Event Planners, LLC was launched in 2005. We began with the knowledge that in order to make an impact and to stand out amongst all the other great Event Planners in the industry, we had to be a Full-Service Event Planning Company. Meaning, not only do we provide your standard event planning services, but we also provide other options for our clients. Our services range from Planning, Hosting, Décor, Venue/Vendor Selection, Coordination and more…

How did the idea come about?  The idea of launching this business was originated as the brain-child of the ‘K’ in KEA, Kwana Del Villar( myself), who had a passion for catering and planning events at work and for family and friends.  After bringing her idea to Eva Sumlar & Anetra Gibbs, we unanimously decided to become entrepreneurs. As best friends, close as sisters, we sat down and discussed our differences and similarities and brainstormed on how we could apply these attributes to reach our goal of being our own bosses. On this day KEA was born.


What is special about your business?  What makes us unique is the personal relationships we build with our clients, who appreciate us meeting them at a place of comfort whether it’s at their home, office or a neighborhood coffee house, to discuss their event needs and getting to know them. Our clients appreciate our attention to detail, our eye for design, as well as our propensity for hands-on/one-on-one way of doing business.  We travel and meet with each client individually to create a sense of comfort and familiarity in order to make the process run smoothly. This helps the client to trust us with their vision and the ability to carry it out in the best way possible. Having this established makes the planning of each event easier because of open, clear, and concise communication and more also enjoyable because the relationship grows stronger during the planning stage.



How do you manage having your own business and motherhood?  The only challenges have been securing childcare when we have large events on a week night. Myself and partner Eva, both have school age children who have set bedtimes. If my husband is working out the country on business, I have to get a sitter who can get them off the bus, assist with homework, bath time, etc…

Walk us through a typical day:  A typical day is never the same in Event Planning as each clients’ needs are different. For the most part, weddings are typically scheduled on weekends so my partners and I can conduct our business via phone, email and Internet during the week. If we have an event during the week, the kids are in school so I’m able to handle any errands during school hours.


If you had to give one piece of advice to a mom wanting to start her own business what would it be?  Go for it. Make sure you have a great support system (family). Never put your dreams on hold just because you have a family, you can do both in moderation.

Contact Us:

KEA Event Planners, LLC

Nanuet, NY 10954

Kwana Del Villar – 917-520-3135

Eva Sumlar – 646-418-5376

Anetra Gibbs– 646-594-4340




Twitter: @keaeventplanner

EA Event Planners, LLC is a full-service Event Planning company offering a wide range of event planning services to the NY, NJ & CT area. We focus on every detail of an event and work with our clients to plan and coordinate to make their event a success. We create spectacular designs and personalized menus to suit your needs and budget. KEA’s services include planning, hosting, and decorating.

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