Small Business Saturday: Mom Jessica

Small Business Saturday: Mom Jessica

memeThis Small Business Saturday we are introducing JESSICA BITTNER who owns Esty Shop, Lasting Impressions Hand Stamped Jewelry.  She is out of New Milford, CT, local to Hudson Valley and nominated by a friend. She is a mom of two and started her company is July 2014.  She was nice enough to answer some questions about why she did it, how she juggles everything at once.

How did the idea come about?  I wanted a piece of jewelry with my children’s names on it and did a little research about hand stamping.  I decided I would try it myself and made a necklace.  I posted it on facebook and as they say, “the rest is history!”


What is special about your business? I get to make one of a kind unique pieces of jewelry for anyone and everyone.  I am always coming up with new ideas so I can create something beautiful for each and every person out there.  I make things not only for women, but for men and children too!

3 tier necklace

 How do you manage having your own business and motherhood?  It’s quite hard especially because I work full time as well.  But I decided I wanted to do something just for me and this is what I chose.  I love a good challenge and I am very motivated to show my girls that hard work pays off!  I work on my business after they are in bed and throughout the day when I have time promoting on social media.


 Walk us through a typical day:  I wake up at 6 am so I can be at my full time job by 7:45am.  My husband works from home and gets the kids ready in the morning.  I leave work around 4:45 and pick up my children from preschool or my parent’s house.  I rush home, make dinner, bathe them, we play and chat about the day, and believe it or not, they ask me if I made any jewelry today.  I get them ready for bed, tuck them in, and then it’s off to work on my jewelry.  I spend a few hours each night making orders and working on social media promotions.  I also try to do this through out the day as well so I can capture potential customers on line at different times of the day.  I try to relax around 9:30 pm and spend time with my husband, get the laundry done (boring!!) and prepare their lunches and dinner for the next day.  I don’t get to bed until around midnight, but I get done what has to be done and have some fun along the way!


If you had to give one piece of advice to a mom wanting to start her own business what would it be?  My one piece of advice would have to be not to give up.  You need to be extremely motivated and try not to get discouraged.  It’s very hard starting something from the ground up, but I feel like it is a great opportunity to make something special for yourself and your family.


More on your business:  I ship worldwide and sell primarily through Etsy.  I also do craft fairs and home parties where the hostess receives a percentage of the sales from the party towards free jewelry!  I will travel up to one hour from my home in New Milford for the party, but there are a few stipulations.  I am happy to go over those individually if you’re interested in being a hostess.  I am very active on facebook and Instagram, and am just getting started on Twitter.  I also have a Pinterest page.  I love connecting with other local “mom” businesses and enjoy networking and coming up with ideas where we can all help one another!


Everyone count on Jess for all your upcoming Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day needs!


Each and every Saturday we will feature an awesome and amazing mom that owns her own business, whether that be online, in a store, or direct sales.  We love these moms and hope you do too!  If you know someone who should be featured OR want to be featured yourself, please email us at!

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