Small Business Saturday Mom Debbie

Small Business Saturday Mom Debbie


Meet our newest Small Business Saturday Mom Debbie Rosen- Alfonso of Rockland County.  She is behind The Camp Experts & Teen Summers in Rockland and Bergen County, NJ.   Debbie is a mom of 3 boys and is apart Summer Camp and Program Advisory Service since 2004.

020When did you start your business?- I joined the Camp Experts team in 2004.

How did the idea come about?  Our founding partner, Joanne Paltrowitz has been a Camp Expert for over 25 years.

What is special about your business?  Our business helps parents navigate the thousands of summer programs.  Our Service is FREE.  We visit over 100 camps every summer and meet with teen programs during the fall and winter.  We have personal relationships with the programs to offer our clients a very personal experience.

How do you manage having your own business and motherhood?  I joined the Camp Experts in 2004 when my boys were in kindergarten, 3rd, and 6th grade.  It was challenging at first, but I worked while the boys were in school.  A lot of pre-planning for dinners and carpooling for after school activities helped.  I was able to call clients from remote locations and that made it very flexible.  My husband was also very supportive.  When I needed to travel, he was able to cover things at home.image001

Walk us through a typical day:  Having a running list of business items and personal household items is essential for me.  I must be organized or nothing gets done.  I start my day with the personal and household chores.  I then head to my home office and concentrate on calling clients and working on events and social media.

I usually am able to take a break mid day and go food shopping, errands, etc.  Late afternoon is dinner prep, laundry, etc.  When my boys were younger, my meals were always pre-made.  After school was always packed with sports, art, martial arts, etc.  Now that my children are older it is easier to navigate family and work/.

If you had to give one piece of advice to a mom wanting to start her own business what would it be?  I would say you need realistic expectations.  I knew when I started that I needed to give the business 3-5 years to get the ball rolling.  That is for any start up business.  Make sure that your finances can allow you to work without taking a salary.  It is hard in the beginning but well worth it.

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Not sure what your child is doing this summer or next?  We can help!  We are THE CAMP EXPERTS &TEEN SUMMERS… a FREE summer camp and program advisory service.

From archery to art, baseball to ballet, or campouts to computers we have it all.  Teen programs as well!!   With over 900 programs to choose from we have the ability to find the perfect summer program for your children.

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