Review: Westchester’s Winter Wonderland Event

Review: Westchester’s Winter Wonderland Event

winter wonderlandWestchester’s Winter Wonderland tree lighting was on Friday November 24th, my kids and I had the pleasure of attending and boy did we have fun!  This was our first year attending and will now be a new holiday tradition.  We are already planning on going back again. We were given tickets to facilitate this review. 

Happening NOW through December 31s, you can every Thursday through Sunday night and the week of the 18th-23rd and 26th-31st. Admission is $15 a person (ages 3+), making Westchester’s Winter Wonderland one of the most affordable family friendly attractions around.  Just ice skating locally is that amount, and here you get so much more. There is also a Santa to meet with an adorable display and you can take your own free pictures.  My kids loved meeting him and I jumped in for the picture too.  

There are several free (with paid admission) attractions the kids can do over and over.  There are a few attractions that require an additional fee (camel rides, post rides and slide plus some carnival games), we avoided the game but a good old race down the FUN SLIDE this mom cannot pass up, its our “thing”.

The Rangertowns Outdoor Rink is running.  I had to pull my kids off the rink to see other attractions and then we went back on.  The could not get enough skating it.  Hint: If you have skates, bring your own they will feel better than their free rentals.  The ice skating available for me is worth the admission itself, which is the going rate at other rinks without the benefit of the outdoors and all the other holiday fun.

There are several special events happening this month also.  Check out their event calendar for more details.   You can eat while there too, there is a food tent and several food trucks their nightly, so come hungry and ready for fun.

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