REVIEW: Sofia the First Sing-A-Long Boombox

REVIEW: Sofia the First Sing-A-Long Boombox


The kids were able to check out the new Sofia the First Sing-A-Long Boombox by eKids.  They were instantly engaged and wanted to play.  Best part, I sat back for a show, a singing show, Apple Kids Idol anyone?

Charlotte Jamming Out
“…You can be anything…”


With classic songs from Sofia to sing-a-long to or you can hook up any MP3 player (not included). They can sing to their favorites, even without songs, they can sing any song into the microphone to hear themselves.  The kids were fighting over who went next.  Until we plugged in mommy’s old school iTouch and sang together to some of “mommy’s music”.


Sofia the First Sing-A-Long Boombox:

  • Real working microphone with built-in speaker
  • Works with any MP3 player via the line-in connection
  • At $29.99, it is the perfect present for your child or present for one of their friends.
  • Great for ages 3+ (even my son had been having fun nonstop)
  • On/Off Switch can be used any time (quick off for parents)
  • Easy to carry for all sizes
  • Educational uses: role-play, speech/language skills- kids listening to themselves and working on repeating words


Video of Charlotte singing: IMG_3420


Disclosure:  We received this product to review, no other compensation was given.  As always all opinion are 100% honest and my own. 

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