Review: Playskool Play All Day Elmo Toy & DVD

Review: Playskool Play All Day Elmo Toy & DVD


My 18 month old LOVES Elmo I mean brings me the TV remote and can say Elmo.  I am pretty sure she said Elmo before regularly saying Mommy.

So when we were invited to check out the Brand New Playskool Play All Day Elmo doll and have a preview of the Play All Day DVD I jumped on it!  Playskool has knocked it out of the park when it comes to Sesame Street toys, and we got to experience it all.  She was thrilled and a little overwhelmed by the play room filled with her favorite characters just waiting to be hugged or played with.  The play smart phone and on the go character bus where huge hits in her book.  She also made sure to walk me around and show me the plush toys.



We met a Product Specialist that showed us how the Toddler mode (there is also a Pre-school mode) on the NEW Play All Day Elmo works.  The toy reacts to your child’s touch in multiple places including the always popular stomach tickle!  He goes over the basics with your Toddler including a ton of new vocabulary words for my little girl to learn, as well as over 150 phrases!  We also watched Elmo play various games with his Pre-school aged friends at the event including Red Light, Green Light, Pat a Cake, and Freeze Dance, which I am sure her 5 year old sister will be playing as well.

What I love about this toy is how soft and cuddly he is.  They even have a nap mode so that Elmo can sing a lull a bye and then shut down so your kid can sleep with him without hearing Elmo in the middle of the night when they roll over!


We also had an opportunity to preview the Play All Day Elmo DVD, which did not disappoint either.  I was a little worried about her sitting through an entire DVD, but she was thrilled to watched all of her favorite Sesame Street characters and skits.  I of course loved the letters, numbers and colors she was learning! All in all we LOVE this toy and HIGHLY recommend that Elmo join your family as he has become an awesome addition to ours! APPLE MOM APPROVED


Disclosure:  I was invited to this event and received  a free Play All Day Elmo.  All opinions are my own and honest, no other compensation was received. Post may contain affiliate links.




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