REVIEW: Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

REVIEW: Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Disclosure: The Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Lyndhurst, NJ recently hosted a VIP Blogger night, we were invited to attend.

My son does not like anything new lately.  If its not a video game, he doesn’t care.  Me on the other hand, I am fed up, so a family night out for dinner and a show, I was excited.   He claimed he didn’t want to see knights and a queen, it would be boring, at 7 he apparently knows what boring is.   Well the moment we stepped into the castle, all that was forgotten.  He wanted to be knighted, needed an ax, and barely sat in his chair the entire show.  Cheering and screaming along with the audience.  He ate the food too!

“Go Red/Yellow” was screamed overtime while our knight was out on the floor.  Our action packed dinner was enjoyable, soup, bread, chicken, corn, potato and desert, did you know you eat with your fingers too? There was no silverware during the Medieval times, which carries to 2018.  It was the perfect way to regroup as a family at the end of a busy week.

Medieval Times is changing up their show that people know and love but it is a good thing! The QUEEN has now inherited the throne from her father, the previous king at Medieval Times.   “Where previously our email characters play in more supportive roles, we are now showing a woman fully in charge, a woman whose authority is sometimes challenged, but she quickly rises to the occasion as a strong leaser, squelching opposition,” says Ingrid Hunt, Medieval Times senior general manager.  With the changes also brought new costumes for all performers and horses.  New hand-made suits of armor, shields and helmets from a dedicated armory in Florida.

Revamping of a show that has now been in the US since 1983, and performing for over 65 million people in these 35 years.  Having a history that long and seen by that many people has to tell you something- such as better go see what everyone else has!!

The Hudson Valley’s closest location is in Lynhurst, NJ about 1 hour from 684/84 intersection in Putnam County, but with traffic ad the bridge I would give yourself extra time to get there depending on the night.  Our rainy Friday night doubled our time there but we were home in the hour after the show.  There are 9 locations though nationwide.

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6 thoughts on “REVIEW: Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament”

  • I have never been but would love to see all the live action and my children’s reactions to all the excitement.

  • I went a while ago…before my son was born. My daughter LOVED it! She was a very picky eater. But she absolutely loved the fact that you could eat with her hands. She ate her entire meal! I was really impressed. We loved cheering on our white knight. I know my three-year-old son will have such a great time here. It really is a great family fun night out.

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