Random Acts of Kindness Week Feb 9-15th

Random Acts of Kindness Week Feb 9-15th


Did you know we are in the middle of Random Acts of Kindness Week?  I was just reminded while googling something else. A week ago I was in the local bagel shop when my card wasn’t working, I had just gotten a new one and forgot to change over.  While I ran out to grab my card the man waiting behind me paid for my bill, which hadn’t been cheap either.  I was shocked, stunned and immediately said thank you, as it seemed the man didn’t want any thanks, he continued walking out the door without turning around.

The following day to pay it forward and leave random acts of kindness to others, hoping I cheered a least one person up who maybe was having a bad day I left a loaded gift card at my local Starbucks with instructions to use it until it runs out.  When I returned later that day, I was notified that more people put money on the card and many people were shocked and surprised their drink was prepaid for.  I didn’t know them they didn’t know who left the card or me.

You don’t need to spend money for Random Acts of Kindness but you do have to be nice!  Just smiling at someone you don’t know may brighten their day.  Challenge your kids to be kind to people they don’t know this week.  It makes both the giver and receiver feel special.



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