Quinny Yezz


I (Karen)  participated in a Focus Group back in September for moms in/near various cities all over the world.  I represented NY among a few other moms,  on the final week we were told it was a focus group for Quinny strollers. I was told from the beginning I would be paid $40 gift card to Amazon when the community was completed with possibilities of prizes.  Little did I know I would be selected to be among the moms to receive a new stroller!  Who doesn’t love free stuff?

It is their lightweight travel in mind umbrella stroller, with a price tag of $279USD, a steep price for an umbrella stroller, but it keeps up with the Quinny reputation and price tags of being awesome and expensive. I received the Red Signa color and it took literally 3 minutes to set up, just add the seat on.  Only complaints/issues is the ease of opening and closing, it is a bit stiff and take a minute to open/close, others reviewed this stroller with the same complaints.  It is made especially for the urban communities and city life in mind, folding up to praticially nothing and with a strap to carry on your shoulder up stairs or down and onto buses, cities or trains.

Umbrella Stroller Checklist: Quinny YEZZ
  1. Is the price point under $300?  Yes, around $280
  2. Can it be folded with the seat attached? Yes, collapses completly to wear on your back (11lbs)
  3. Does it have a cup holder? No, but you can always buy a generic one and put on the handle bars
  4. How are the tires? 4 roller blade wheels, easy 360 degree turns in seconds
  5. Can it accommodate two riders with additional attachments?  No, single rider only
  6. How is the seat? It does NOT recline, but kids can nap in it still, mine do, I piece sling with straps
  7. Is the storage space large enough to hold a bag of groceries? No, a small envelope type space in back of seat
  8. Can I fold it with one hand? Yes, thumb on the button and foot to unlock and it folds right up
  9. Can I push it with one hand? Yes, moves with ease
  10. Ages it can be used for? 6 months- 40 pounds
  11. Husband opinion (height, usage)? It works for tall, and it fun to wheel around, my husband loves spinning the kids
Side View
Front View