Protect those little eyes…

For little eyes…

These sunglasses are the cutest, and with our summer sun and heat we must protect our children’s’ eyes.  They come in different colors, 2 sizes (below 0-3 and 3-7) with options of polarized and non polarized. My son is already a fan, he kept them on, twisted them (no breaking) and told us he was a “cool dude” in them.  We wanted to share with our readers, read on… 

Best part:  They have a 1 YEAR GUARANTEE for loss and breaking, just pay shipping and receive a new pair.

    • Unpolarized: $19.99 
    • Polarized: $35 with hard case included (case is $15 separately) 

Kids’ eyes need protection for the UV rays from the sun, these are exact what you want for the best protection for their eyes.
From Babiators :

Why should we be concerned about protecting our children’s eyes from UV exposure?  Children’s sensitive skin needs sunscreen to limit dangerous UV exposure and their eyes need protection too. Here are the facts:

  • When compared to adult’s eyes, children’s eyes have fewer natural protections against UV exposure, making them more likely to be damaged.
  • The more time you spend outdoors, the more susceptible you are to sun damage. Published scientific research concludes that up to 50% of lifetime UV ray exposure may occur by age 18, so it’s imperative that we protect our children’s eyes now!
  • According to Dr. J. Keller Wortham, a physician with Optimum Wellness Family Medical Group in Los Angeles, excessive exposure to the sun during daily activities can contribute to cataract formation, macular degeneration, pinguecula and pterygium (growth on the eye’s surface), photokeratitis (snow blindness), and skin cancer on the eyelids. Those are a lot of big words, but the bottom line is this: protecting your children’s eyes is critical.
  • The EPA recommends you wear sunglasses even on days with a low UV index! 
Given that children’s eyes do not have as many natural protections from UV, children spend more time in the sun than adults, and time in the sun can lead to permanent eye damage, we feel it just makes sense for kids to wear sunglasses! 
When it’s bright outside, adults wear sunglasses – our children should do the same!
For more information on how children’s eyes are different from adults’ eyes, and why UV protection is especially important for children, click here.
For more information about the UV Index, check out this document published by the EPA.”

Locally you can find them at:

Pearle Vision – Brewster, NY

Giveaway was sponsored by Pearl Vision of BREWSTER and! 
Thank you!
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