Learning Toys List

Learning Toys List



Functional toys were always on my radar and lists when I was buying toys for the kids.  As an early intervention and preschool services teacher, I am always looking for the best preschool learning toys to have in my bag. These are ones I have tested and used the past few months with my kids and my students.  Check them out, add them to gift lists and share them with teachers and parents alike.

Top 5 Learning Toys:

LeapFrog LeapStart- Interactive Learning System for Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten:  This system can be used with any of the 4 Levels of books (16 books total currently).  Level 1 and 2 are most for younger children.  The books touch upon 50 critical skills, and parent manuals can be found online. The basics start with just having the children explore what is on the page to games asking them to find things on the page.  Vocabulary words just as top, bottom, under, and colors guide children.  Listening to the system also has children quieting down to hear, and gaining attentiveness.  There are several other LeapFrog toys out now too.




Lakeshore- Counting Cars: Ten cars to learn how to count to 10, with 60 people to place inside.  Kids can push these counting cars which reinforce play skills and attending to directions  (ready, set, go). These cars are great for kinesthetic learners, they can physically count by placing the passengers in the cars, while also self correcting. The learning toys are a must for preschools everywhere, as well as homes. Psst.. kids can count past 10 when counting the passengers, challenge them! Ages 2+


Moodsters: These delightful five Moodster characters work with children to help them understand their emotional intelligence, which identifies their own emotions, thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  The learning toys have five “detectives” happiness, anger, love, sadness and fear, who guide kids through different situations.  There are talking plushes with activity books and toys to incorporate with storybooks.  The Mirror is used for kids to make faces and learn about their feelings and how they and others look when feeling a certain way.  Sleepovers story included a flashlight, there is a crayon/notebook set to draw about emotions and a feelings meter, that also teaches the basic vocabulary for feelings.   Kids are loving these, the characters get them interested in the lessons and they are learning without even realizing.  Parent companion guides are also online. Ages 3




Building Toys:

SuperImpulse-  3DMotoKit: There are 16 different kits are great for kids 8+ (and younger builders) and come in different difficulty levels. 3DMotoKits are perfect for rewards, gifts for friends and days off from school when you need something for the kids to do.  Average 30 minute time to complete these 3D puzzles,  have the kids race multiple ones. 3DMototKits don’t need glue or tools, just pop out the pieces and build!


EDUSHAPE- Animal Mix N’ Match: Friendly animal body shapes made of brightly colored Edu-Foam. Create your own amusing creatures using creative combinations. Great for bath fun too! You can use them to have kids identify colors, follow directions and attend to activity during lessons. The EduShape toys provide great for hand-eye coordination, sensory, visual and fine motor skills, I love that they can be used in multiple ways with kids.  The kids find them easy to hold and stack, great for young ones to use as manipulatives.


We received toys to review. All opinions are our own and honest. Affiliate links included throughout the post. 

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