Philips AVENT Bottles, Pacifiers, and Bottle Rack Review

Philips AVENT Bottles, Pacifiers, and Bottle Rack Review

Philips AVENT Bottles, Pacifiers, and Bottle Rack Review

As I have mentioned before one of my best friends had a little boy a couple weeks ago.  I have been guiding her through the piles of baby gear that she “has to have”.  My 4 year old and I actually spent an entire day in Manhattan with her registering.  She lives in the Upper Eastside, and like Jennifer Weedon of MomCaveTV and I discussed at our last AppleTots Mom’s Night Out, she has to know her stuff to keep up with the other Moms in the city.  Which means she has been stressing over all sorts of things, and my husband, is actually still bitter that she turned down his stroller pick.

She has decided to breastfeed (her little boy has latched like a champ and now she feels like her boobs have baby spidy sense) but, she is also planning to go back to work at the beginning of the year.  So bottles actually are a must have on her list.  When I heard this I immediately recommended the Phillips AVENT Natural bottles.  The wider nipple provides a more natural feel for babies making it easier to switch from bottle to breast.  I have been using these with my baby since she was three months old and we got a sample set to try.  She loves them and it makes letting my husband or mother help out a breeze.  Plus when I was working on getting her to sleep through the night having a bottle to cut back the nursing made it go much quicker.  The bottles are easy to grip and have a ton of cute designs, we have little elephants on some and we just got adorable pink ones too!  (Obviously I won’t be able to pass these along) Philips AVENT also has blue ones and unisex choices though!IMG_0866[1]

She has also been giving the baby a pacifier that he spits out on a regular basis, so I told her to try the Philips AVENT newborn Soothies.  My four year old had one of these with her every time they brought her back to me from the nursery at the hospital.  My cousin who is a nurse had actually bought them to my shower as well since her friend swore by them too.  They were the only pacifiers we ever used and they are going into the “survival kit” I am bringing down to my friend as soon as I can kick this stupid cold!

The last piece to the puzzle is where to put all this stuff when it needs to be cleaned and dried.  We originally just had some basic bottle rack, that we used for my first daughter and it was fine.  So when she asked my opinion I kind of blew it off.  However, since I got the Phillips AVENT drying rack I’ve found out I was so WRONG!  This rack is amazing, the rack sits above a drip tray that can be removed and easily cleaned.  Everything fits on the rack so neatly and the actual design is super cool looking and makes my kitchen so much neater.


I honestly 100 percent LOVE my Phillips AVENT baby gear and I will probably be legitimately sad when the time comes to put it away, but hopefully my friend will have a little girl the next time and I can pass along all the adorable pink bottles at least!



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