Philips AVENT Toddler Cups

Philips AVENT Toddler Cups

Yup! You read the title right! Philips AVENT has come out with Toddler Cups!

Toddler cups are the bane of my existance!  I spend more time cleaning up leaks from them and reassembling them than I think my daughter spends drinking from them.  So when I was asked to review Philips AVENT‘s new Toddler cups, I jumped at it.


You all know I am a huge fan their bottles and pumps from my reviews last year!  The Toddler cup line has four unique cups to grow with your child, starting with My Trainer Cups that are suitable for four months and up!  I also received a little book from Scholastic that describes each stage of cup at my daughter’s level!  “Sip, Sip, Hooray”  is adorable and she sat through it for MANY readings.  My daughter at one and a half is past this stage but I LOVE the handles and the fact that you can use either a the Classic or Natural Nipples or a Soft Spout.


The next level is even cuter, with the My Penguin Sippy Cup from Philips AVENT.  They are adorable and I wish I had these ten months ago when my daughter was learning to use cups.  The handles are designed with soft grips to make them easier for little hands to hold.  They have both a soft and hard spout for little learners to develop a natural drinking position BUT they are 100% leak proof too!


Stage 3: My Twist n Sip Straw Cup, where we are at right now and I LOVE this cup.  I find myself constantly reaching for it.  There are so many great things about this cup:

  1. The straw is SUPER easy to put into the cup and it’s just one piece!
  2. The top is TOTALLY secure once it is on.  As a mother of a destructo baby this is HUGE!
  3. The twist top keeps the straw covered and clean!
  4. You can measure out how much your baby is drinking.  I don’t know about you guys but my Dr. asks at every appointment how much milk my daughter is drinking.  SO much easier to see the volume she getting each time!IMG_1324[1]

The final stage is the My Natural Drinking Cup.  I typically HATE these types of cups.  I never found one for my older daughter that I liked, so we just skipped it!  However, Philips AVENT got this one right!  My daughter still has a little way to go with this cup, in that she still needs some supervision when using it!  However, this cup will be kept in rotation as she loves trying to drink like her big sister. IMG_1322[1]


When it comes time to replace some of the cups we have I know I will be looking for the Philips AVENT ones over the brands now!

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