PHILIPS AVENT: Bottle Refusal and The Recital

PHILIPS AVENT: Bottle Refusal and The Recital
Bottle Refusal and The Recital
Guest Post by: Jennifer Pollack
“Here try this” is what I said to my husband the other day when my 2 month old was refusing t take a bottle from me.  Does he then take the baby and try to feed her?  Nope he takes the bottle and tries it himself!  Yes ladies he is all mine!   While she preferred nursing, my first daughter, ALWAYS took a bottle when offered.  We were in completely unfamiliar territory, especially when later that week while I was out she fussed about taking a bottle again. 
Bottle with Warmer
A thing about me while I understand that breastfeeding is natural and I have every right to feed my baby however, wherever I need too, I have never been comfortable with doing it in public places.  I nursed Chloe for a year and I either had a place to nurse in private or a bottle with me.  So naturally when Emma starts refusing a bottle panic sets in, visions of being at Chloe’s dance recital in two weeks, and either missing her dance or being the parent with the SCREAMING child that ruins the entire video for everyone are flashing through my head.  I am frantically trying to figure out my next step, when I remember PhilipsAVENT, has another type of bottle we can try.  I loved the Classic bottles for Chloe and strictly used them for her first year and now they have a Natural Latch series which is more like a breastfeeding latch for a baby.  So of course they are the first bottles we turn to again when we need them.  The big test comes when, we have Chloe’s dress rehearsal during our normal dinner time.   While I am waiting on line to have pictures done of my little ballerina somebody gets hungry.  I pull out the bottle say a little pray and we have SUCCESS, she is happy as a clam with her new bottles!  They even come with adorable little girly designs on them and the best part is that they fit directly onto my PhilipsAVENT pump that I adore and used through my first year with Chloe.  They also can go into the PhilipsAVENT microwave steam sterilizer, which is another baby gear item I CAN NOT live without. 
bottle in sanitizer

The day of the recital I toss a bottle into the PhilipsAVENT bottle warmer, while we are getting ready.  It’s so much easier than heating it in microwaved water and constantly checking to make sure the bottle is warm enough I just pop the bottle in and wait for the light to turn on.   I let the warmer bring it to a little higher than it should be so it will cool before she wants it, that’s a lesson I learned quickly with Chloe as one day I was listening to her scream while I was in a bathroom trying to pour hot water over a bottle to heat it.  Once we are all packed I finally get ready and make sure to have my nursing pads on, which are also made by PhilipsAVENT because after trying every other brand on the market I came back to the most comfortable, absorbent and discreet pads I used.  The recital was fantastic, and my three year old is now hooked on being on stage, though she told me dance makes her feet hurt!

bottles attach directly to breast pump
Disclosure:  I received these products from PhilipsAVENT in exchange for my honest review.  As always all opinions are my own.