Orange Rhino- Yell Less, Love More Review

Orange Rhino- Yell Less, Love More Review

Disclosure:  I received the book to read and review for free.  This post may contain affiliate links.  As always all opinions are 100% honest and my own. 

I met the “Orange Rhino” back in July and again in September when she came to share her story at the Apple Tots Mom’s Night Out event my blog hosted.  Shelia is a mom of 4 kids  and after being caught yelling at her kids put herself up to a challenge of no yelling. That challenge led to a blog, to a facebook group, Pinterest boards and a BOOK!  The book is a guide and memior of her own challenge time and tips to have your own no yelling household.


I think what pulls me towards Shelia and her Challenge is that she is real.  A real woman, mom and reformed yeller.  So many parenting books with tips and tricks are written by doctors, psychologists/psychiatrists and dads.  Yes some of these people could also be moms but they often look at it from another angle then REAL time moments, kids and life situations.  So after hearing her speak on two occasions she is a real mom who made a challenge and change after holding herself accountability.  Mom power! 

As I write this review I am trying to stop the screaming, I am picturing Orange in my head.  Jack and Charlotte are 15 months apart and they fight like cats and dogs lately.  Before I can start my challenge and move forward from yelling at the kids. Taking deep breaths is one of my steps to keep calm.  Although I love and laughed at her yelling in a toilet.   I mean, how can you tell your kids to stop yelling if you are yelling at them to stop yelling?

This book is composed into many chapters, which are then broken down to days with helpful tips that are ranked in cool, warm and hot.  Also Orange Rhino Revelations which are “revelations” about yelling, parenting, and ideas on “orange rhinos”. Orange Rhinos are reminders to stay calm and not tell.  There are spots throughout the book to make notes and reflect on your personal challenge.  Tons of resources from her website are included in print,  including Top 10 lists are also included.

As most parents and moms our time to read can be very limited with all our other obligations.  You are able to read one day at a time, working day by day while on your personal Orange Rhino Challenge. Shelia’s examples throughout and pictures of her adorable boys, she has 4!! Oh, I couldn’t imagine.   
Make sure to check out her book, preorder it Now here.  Check out her Facebook page, website and blog.  Follow her on twitter too.   Without even being released yet Yell Less, Love More is already listed on the top books to buy for moms.  Get yours here