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I am a Thomas Mom, it’s not a bad thing, but one of the “I will never” comments I made when my first was still a baby.  I dreaded the expense, the amount of toys and everything in between.  Then one day Thomas and Friends was on PBS’s Sprout and well my never became an obsession for my son and daughter (and me).


 So since he turned one with his first set we have been Thomas fans. Books, movies, clothing, sneakers, and toys (basically name it and we own it).  Now to see the “real” Thomas we have had to travel to PA and CT, but closer to home he visits annually at the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx.
Chugging right into the Bronx is Thomas with Driver Sam for almost all of January, at NYBG’s All Aboard with Thomas & Friends.  The NYBG does a great job of bringing little kids up close and personal to their favorite Blue Engine… Thomas!!! Did you know he is Number 1?  Jack did! Thomas and Driver Sam interact with the audience and ask trivia questions about Thnas and his friends, first question and first hand up (Jack was ready for anything), what number is on Thomas?  “One!” Jack replied when he was picked to answer, he was so happy to be picked.  I was a proud mom behind the camera to capture the moment and then clap with everyone else at the show for him.
The show is short, around 20 minutes, but PERFECT for any kid, their attention span let’s face it is not ready for a 2 hour production without getting up for breaks, food, etc.  My kids didn’t take their eyes off the stage once, afraid to miss something.  What they did DO was dance, sing a long, clap and laugh.   The ticket for the show includes admission to the Holiday Train Show (if you go by Jan. 19th) and access to the grounds, Children’s Adventure Garden (plus much more).

The Holiday Train Show (read more bout it here) also features Thomas and Percy chugging on the tracks.  This year the kids took their iTouches with them, while viewing the Holiday Train Show and captured the exhibit from their perspective and what they though was “awesome”.  Honestly I was impressed with their pictures, felt like it slowed them down to look at everything closer.  They pointed out what they knew (Radio City, Airport, Yankee Stadium and bridges).  Remember there are no strollers allowed in the show, but stroller parking is provided, baby wearing is suggested.  Also don’t forget to go to the children’s garden for some train crafts and parades.

Taken by Jack Age 4.5
Taken by Charlotte age 3


Holiday Train Show Running NOW until January 19th, 2015

All Aboard with Thomas & Friends running NOW until January 25th, 2015

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Disclosure:  We received free tickets to attend the show.  All opinions are our own and as always 100% honest. 

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