Our 2017 New York Baby Show Top 3 Picks

Our 2017 New York Baby Show Top 3 Picks

Baby products are always evolving, a two year span difference can call for “outdated” items between kids, annually we travel down to see what is new for babies and what has changed between our favorite products.  Our Apple Mom Casey, a mom to the youngest “Apple Tot” which is 9 months old, reported back on her favorite items.  We want to thank Momtrends for their blogger lounge that included families also which provided tickets for many of our awesome Apple Mom readers.  These are our TOP 3 Picks from the New York Baby Show:


1- LUVBUG Sunscreen Blanket

Young babies are not supposed to be covered with sunscreen. A great alternative is this LuvBug SPF50 blanket.  Strollers have the canopy but what about the legs?  This can cover their legs protecting, use while napping in a tent, or just playing outdoors.  A great alternative to lathering your child at a very young age.  Mom Casey LOVED it so much  at the show she purchased one to start using immediately.

 2- Summer Infant Pop & Jump

A portable lightweight jumper, easy to set up and take with you and perfect for these summer days with a canopy attached to protect the little one in the sun.  As a mom of two, this is great when age differences bring you outside, to sport games and just visiting family to have something for the little one to play with.

3- Mochi Teething Products

A new toy company for kids PEOPLE TOYS, has several lines, one being Mochi.  The toys are made with rice plastic technology 51%rice, non toxic and 100% green.  These have blocks also have an online learning sheet, providing different developmental play ideas as your baby grows.  Mochi also has a tether and toy line.

Hope you enjoyed our top picks.  What do you think is best?  Comment below!

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