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Today, September 2nd, a new kid show is out on Netflix called Kazoops.  This show highlights key ideas from child development experts about the importance of creative play and learning critical thinking skills.  The Australia-based children’s TV producer Cheeky Little Media’s new pre-school TV Program will focus on that.

Charlotte watching on the computer
Kazoops features Monty and his best friend and pet pig, Jimmy Jones.  Together they go on adventures through their imagination and problem solve.

“When something makes Monty stop and wonder he always says “Kazoops Jimmy Jones!” so we know his imagination is firing up and an adventure is about to begin. Then after Monty tells Jimmy Jones what’s on his mind, he closes his eyes and says the words ‘just imagine,’ transporting us into his imagination, where he and Jimmy Jones go to amazing places, meet new friends and explore the preconception that got him wondering in the first place.”

Monty and Jimmy Jones adventures are accompanied by unique songs that tell the story, as well as guide the kids through the journey.  The kids want to dance and sing along, MINE did.  Listening to the words is most important during these songs, they tell the new perspectives Monty discovers along the way.Kazoops3

The show is about Monty’s unique take on things, as he challenges accepted wisdom and shapes the world around him. His imaginative adventures are hugely fun and his discoveries always surprising.

Kazoops4The series begins with Animal Pals, where Monty wonders why Jimmy Jones is jealous and eventually challenges the notion that “you can only have one best friend.”

Kazoops5You can begin streaming in US and Canada September 2nd.

My kids loved the episodes they have watched so far.  They took over my computer, camped out on their floor with pillows and blankets and watched intently.  They cannot wait to see more.  A great show for the kids, great show that parents won’t mind their kids watching.  Be sure to check it out.


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