National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day

In less than a month the National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day will take place (October 16th, 2013).  Did you know the NSLP feeds over 31.6 million students daily.  This is a chance to spend time with them in school, and to see up close the food they are being served in school.

For a long time, schools were serving junk food, soda, and sugary drinks; lunches in America were nothing to brag about.  It should be no surprise that children in the US have obesity issues.  Now is a time to change, schools all over have been taking the steps to improve the food offered to our children.   This includes banning and eliminating certain foods, next to education this is one of the best changes we have made in our schools in decades. 

Lunch, a healthy lunch, is critical for kids, what they eat affects how a child learns, and their ability to focus.  A well balanced meal ensures they receive the nutrients they need and energy to stay awake during the school day, or they will become tired, unfocused and have a hard time concentrating on their school work.

Meals served through the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs will:

• whole grains
• fat -free milk
• meet, at a minimum, nutrition requirements established by local, state, and federal statutes and regulations;
• age appropriate sodium levels
• offer a variety of fruits and vegetables (fruit as after school snacks too)
• free water always available

 Snack standards: vending machines now have to meet guidelines, as you can see there is a lot of junk, sugar and processed foods being eliminated. I encourage parents to check out the monthly menus, many now provide a nutritional breakdown per food item served, as well as an ingredients list per food item.  Also many schools have their information online where you reload your child’s money for lunch too. 

I encourage you as a parent to take an active role in participating in this nation wide event.  Your child LOVE getting to have a special meal with mom or dad.  Their school will see that you care about what your child is eating, and that you are taking the steps needed to make a change in their school if needed.  Let’s DO it!!

TIPS and TRICKS for Take Your Parens to Lunch Day::
Tips to make the day successful

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