Monoa, Subway and The Moms

Monoa, Subway and The Moms
Denise and Melissa of The Moms Credit: The Moms

A new Disney Movie is out, and thanks to The Moms we were able to check it out last week while the kids were home from school.  It received 4 THUMBS UP from the Apple Kids.  Commercials seemed to lean very girly, a shocker when we sat down and the boys just sat with jaws hanging at times. Adventure, spirit animals and volcanoes everywhere!


Subway was on hand to share their kid friendly meals at the Moana screening.  They have partnered with Disney Moana to provide toys from the movie.  LOVE them!   Check out their healthy meal choices that include four different sandwiches and apples, and drink choices at affordable meal prices.  Healthy “fast food” for kids.

The story of a teenage girl Moana, a brave strong lead who sets out to become a master way-finder and find Maui to help her people back at home.  Along the way her hilarious side-kick chicken she comes across adventures with the water that chose her.  She is going to be every girls role model, a free spirit, adventure seeking, strong lead female.

Moana out now in the theaters, check it out.  It is setting records weekly for Disney since its release.


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