Moms, Cars and The Chevy Volt

Moms, Cars and The Chevy Volt


We all know moms double as taxi drivers, we drive to school, playdates, after school activities and food stores.  Days of small compact cars have been replaced with mini-mans, SUVs, Cross-overs and wagons.  I have had my current “mom-mobile” for 3.5 years, its an SUV with 3 rows and I love it, but between my driving habits (I am at 148 thousand miles currently, over 100k are my own in that short time frame) I need change.  I work in the Early Intervention and Preschool Services field as a Special Education teacher so I drive to the locations all day, a lot of mileage.   I need an efficient  commuter car.image


I had the chance to test out a Chevy Volt for an over night trip for my Birthday with the girls.  The Volt is an electric car, and unlike hybrids you can drive 100% on electric, up to 38 miles on battery life, with regular charging can go between 900 miles between fillips according to Chevy’s website and full tank and battery charged you can go on average 380 miles.   Not bad for a mom on the go, heck yesterday just between 9am-3:30pm and working for most of that I drive 50 miles in town, before driving to NYC and then PA for the night.  Like I said I drive…



  • Trunk space was huge for such a small compact car
  • Storage within car was amble  & many cup holders
  • Radio options, navigation, bluetooth, mp3 player ready
  • Smooth ride, pick up for cruising was good
  • Quiet, you don’t hear car running when outside or in
  • 2 carseats fit in back seat.



  • 4 seats total- back seat had a middle console for passengers with outlet and cup holder though.
  • Taller people hit head on roof
  • Back seat leg room was limited unless front seats were all the way up


Overall, I enjoyed the Volt and its compact style coming from my regular SUV and Truck driving.  The fill up giving me over 250 miles cost $16.50, major change from paying near $60 to fill up my car now and be out of car in 2 days. I love the truck space being open from the backseat so I could grab things or throw things into trunk.  I do think the size was a little too small for me, again I am used to big cars so it could also be I am just really not used to it.  For the MSRP as low as $26,670 (after Fed Tax Credit), it is a great bang for you buck as a Electric Vehicle, something to consider if your daily commute is close to home and you can run off electric most days, abut still have gas car for longer trips.

Disclosure:  I was given a Volt to test drive for a few days and share my opinion.  No other compensation was received and as always all opinions are my own and 100% honest. 


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