The MOMS’ Back to School Event

The MOMS’ Back to School Event

14047341_1063973136991600_6646311476307307315_oLast week, I attended The MOMS’ Back to School Event to celebrate the cover story for New York Family which was on The Moms– Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein. I first met them in 2013 and have since continued to attend events, movie screenings and family events with them, as well as get to know them better.  I am incredibly happy for them as moms, friends and business women.

Melissa and I

The night kicked off at 100 Barclay in their historic lobby, with DJs, light eats and great sponsors while kids and moms danced to the DJ and chatted.

Sponsors included:

Subway has great meals for dinners on the run, but also for lunch. Everything inside is healthy, together and just pop into their book bags, much better then running to a deli in the morning when you are out of bread (tell me that isn’t just me!)13987626_1063973796991534_9035702226212104788_o

Chobani yogurts.  Great to freeze the tubes as an icepack in the lunch boxes, quick snack and even breakfast for my kids on late mornings.  I love popping them in the cooler when we need snacks on the boat.  I am not worried about what the kids are snacking on when they have Chobani pouches or tubes with us.13995619_1063972920324955_2702852739183366797_o

Fruit of the Loom provides underwear for the family.  Have you seen their funny Mom breathable underwear commercial yet?  My son loves their boxer briefs and daughter cannot get enough of the cute designs.  They can be found everywhere. Everyone needs and loves fresh underwear for back to school.image

KidBox is a monthly subscription box of clothes for kids, I am still waiting for Charlotte’s box, I am so excited to see what they picked out for her after answering questions about her style and personality.


Check out the recap:

What are your favorite Back-to-School brands?  Leave a comment below about them.

The Moms BTS Event




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