Miraclebody Jeans and Moms

Miraclebody Jeans and Moms


For Mom’s Night Out, the Apple Moms were given Miraclebody Jeans to try out and share our opinions.  Miraclebody Jeans and Moms need to be best friends, post kids our bodies are not the same, and these pants suck things in everywhere.  Miraclebody Jeans has many styles to choose and all fun.  Complaints of muffin toys, curves, showing too much when bending over are gone!  In our opinion sizing runs a little big, we would recommend going down a size when ordering, Great of our mom self esteem right?

The following are some of the Apple Moms opinions on different styles.

Jenn’s thoughts: I love jeans, before I had kids I LOVED Jean Day at work.  However, after having the girls I have been desperately searching for non-Mom jeans!  Miracle body Jeans is an answer to my prayers!  We were provided a pair for our last Mom’s night out and I have been wearing them ever since!  The fabric is super soft and comfortable to be in all day long.  They are cut a little higher that eliminates muffin top and keeps your back covered.  I don’t find myself pulling them up all day or worrying if anything is showing like I do with my old jeans.  They did stretch a little more then I like by the end of the day, but we were also told to go a size down.  I had been losing weight but then put some on over Easter, now that I am back to losing I wish I had gone down one more size.  However, I love them and will probably be trying out the skinny jeans next!  (Avery Slim Boyfriend Jean)

Jenn Miraclebody Jeans MiracleBody Jeans 2

Alicia’s thoughts: I have to be honest – when I first tried these jeans on I immediately didn’t like them. Not one bit. You know that feeling when you wear something that isn’t comfortable or flattering – it makes you feel blue (well in my case).  A few days later I tried them on again and I have to say – actually the jeans are really comfortable. I will admit that the style I picked may not have been the best fit for my pear shaped body BUT I also cannot deny that they hug and curve my curves. What I also really liked about the “miraclebody jean” was my.. for lack of a better phrase “muffin top” was tucked in..making me look and feel slimmer. That has to be one of my biggest complaints of jeans – seeing that little roll over the top. So to summarize – these jeans fit, contour my curves and are very comfortable. (Sandra D Ankle Jean)

Alicia 2 Miraclebody Jeans Alicia 1 MiracleBody Jeans

Nicole’s thoughts: I was excited to try my Miracle body jeans, as the reputation of Miracle body swim is excellent.  I’ll be honest- since having children my body has changed and I no longer love jeans like I used to.  Between that fact and my love of yoga, it’s hard to find me out of stretchy pants.  Jeans just aren’t comfortable to me.  I bend up and down on the floor all day with the kids and coverage is important too.  Remember those low rise jeans?  Cringe worthy these days!  But I also don’t want total Mom jeans.  Enter my Miraclebody  jeans- I was happy with the fabric; stretchy and comfortable!  What surprised me about the jeans was the very high waist. I suppose this is where the “miracle” is supposed to come in to hid any Mommy belly.  It was definitely slimming but I did find it a bit bulky feeling.  Overall, I thought they were well made and comfortable.  Slimming but they wouldn’t be my first pick to wear on a hot day. (Annie Rhinestone Roll Jean)
Nicole 2 MiracleBody jeans Nicole Jeans Miraclebody
Karen’s thoughts: I chose a pink jean pull on, I loved the soft feel and reinforced stomach area.  For me just turning thirty, I still want to be youthful, just not ready to let go.  I think I should have ordered a size down, which I now know for future orders.  I also received a Miraclebody top, the Becca Heirloom, and at two layers, the tank was tight and did not ride, very important to me.  The second layer is beautiful with the embroidery and flow to it.  Mom fashion clothes, I wore this for Easter brunch and to our Mom’s Night Out, versatile for multiple occasions.  (Judy Ankle Pant)
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Disclosure:  The Apple Moms received pants for the Mom’s Night Out Event 4/17/15, in exchange for an honest and real review.  No other compensation has been exchanged, and as always our opinions are real. 

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