LeapFrog has New Toys Coming

LeapFrog has New Toys Coming

imageEducational toys serve multiple purposes of entertainment and teaching skills, as a teacher I am always twisting toys into teaching. My kids have owned a ton of LeapFrog toys since they were born. Each having their own Scout and Violet, and adding to their collection from there. Daily I use LeapFrog workbooks and flashcards for my students ages 2 and up.  We have both LeapReader systems (Junior and Reading & Writing System), everything they make is fun while teaching my kids something.

LeapFrog has announced new toys, I was able to preview them and I am excited to get my hands on them for the kids and my students.  The new LeapStart systems, have to be my favorite.  LeapFrog is all about 21st Century Skills: Digital Literacy Skills, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Collaborative Thinking.

LeapFrog also stated that “65% of children will have jobs in the future that don’t exist today“.  Can you imagine that?  I believe it.  25 years ago social media was not a concept or “digital influencers”, even blogging.  Now that we know this, we need to get our kids ready and LeapFrog makes that possible.


New interactive learning system for kids, The LeapStart, combines reading and critical thinking skills.  Two systems geared to 2-4 year olds and 5-7 year olds includes started book and an easy to grip pen.  There are 16 leveled books to be bought separate, about $12.99 and interchangeable with both systems.  The books touch upon 50 critical skills, and parent manuals can be found online.  The four leveled books are for 2-4, Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st grade.72 DPI JPG-21605_LeapStartSR_LF01 72 DPI JPG-21600_LeapStartJR_LF01

I cannot wait to use this with my young students, they love technology. LeapStart will have them responding and pointing providing positive reinforcement for correct answers and even children who are speech delayed can answer by using the pen and touching the correct answer, testing her receptive language.


EPIC and LeapPad Platinum tablets, are two top contenders for children’s tablets on the market currently. EPIC is an android based tablet, affordable at $139; cartridges and digital apps can be purchased and shared between tablet.  Ranging from $2.50 and up. New games coming out feature coding (21st century concepts) with Frozen and Finding Dory characters. LeapPad Platinum is $129 and also compatible with cartridges, or downloads.  Early can be used with kids seven and under.


LeapFrog toys touch upon pretend and role play skills, music and early core academic schools.72 DPI JPG-19331_CountCrawlKitty_PR01 72 DPI JPG-19303_MusicalTurtle_PR01 72 DPI JPG-19322_LeapingLetters_LF01

Count-Along Register, Leaping Letters, Melody Musical Turtle and the Learn  & Grove Musical Mat are new toys joining the LeapFrog family.  The Learn & Grove Musical Mat has three modes: tunes, games mode and identity, while teaching numbers, animals and instruments.  All LeapFrog toys reinforce colors, shapes, numbers and basic sounds.  The Leaping Letters  is a race before the timer runs out and POP all the letters jump up from the board, can you beat the clock and put A-Z back where they belong?

These are all great toys and games to help to beat the summer slide. 



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