Kidfresh’s NEW Totally Rockin’ Tots

Kidfresh’s NEW Totally Rockin’ Tots

Kidfresh has new Totally Rockin’ Tots in Russet Potato & Cauliflower and Yukon Gold & Yellow Squash. Which was also voted 25 Best Frozen Foods for Families by PARENTS Magazine. Congrats!  We have been Kidfresh fans for a few years.  I send them to school for lunch with Charlotte often.  Yum!548X405_V3_02

One of the biggest complaints I hear from parents (and I have myself) is kids’ eating habits and their lack of eating vegetables and healthier food all the time.  Kidfresh offers frozen meals packed with hidden veggies and Non-GMO ingredients. I am all for being sneaky to get the kids to “eat their veggies”. There are over 20 different choices and portion sizes available in stores by Kidfresh.image002

The Totally Rockin’ Tots are great, I struggle with sides for the kids past corn, french fries and mash potatoes that they will eat.  This works! I have even had requests to just make them as an after school snack with some ketchup.  That is WINNING!!  We kept them in a little longer for crisper tots.  Resealable bag also receives two thumbs up from me.


Now you need to try them for yourself! We have 5 Kidfresh FREE meal coupons and 5 $1.00 off meal coupons to giveaway to 5 lucky moms.  Each will get 1 meal & 1 $1 off coupon. Want to win? Enter here:
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imageFor more information visit the Kidfresh website and follow @KidfreshFoods on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.image

9 thoughts on “Kidfresh’s NEW Totally Rockin’ Tots”

  • We like to sneak veggies into our kids favorite foods. One popular one is adding sweet peas to macaroni and cheese.

  • I struggle to get my son to eat veggies so I have to either add cheese to them or let him dip them in ranch.

  • My daughter is horrible at eating veggies unless they are in a pouch. I do my best to sneak them in but she loves tator tots and this would totally work for us.

  • My biggest meal time problem is my daughter will specifically ask for something, and then when I make it for her she claims she isn’t hungry and doesn’t want it. So frustrating!

  • My biggest problem is finding things both of my kids will eat. My daughter likes spicy and tangy things and my son has a huge sweet tooth and could live on pasta.

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