Kidecals Review by Jenn #BTS #review

Kidecals Review by Jenn #BTS #review
Guest Review from Jenn P.  Get ready to read more from this mom and her adorable daughters soon when her regular column begins this fall!!

I have two nieces that are 8 and 6 which means we have a TON of hand me downs.  Of course my 4 year old thinks this is the coolest thing ever since she gets to wear her big cousin’s clothes.  The only problem is that all of their stuff is already labeled in permanent marker with a different last name.  This hasn’t been a big deal until Pre-school wanted us to label everything.  Enter Kidecals, I checked out the little labels and had them printed with our last name and phone number.  They are perfect to fit right over the permanent marker name on all of the tags.  I became a labeling mad woman and everything that leaves my house with a child now gets labeled.  This includes towels and a hair cap for swimming, water bottles for gymnastics, the list goes on and on. 

I am also kind of obsessed with the chalk board trend, so I checked out the chalk board style labels.  My 4 year used them to organize her toy bins and I love it.  We can erase everything if we want to change out the bin.  They are also easy to remove and replace for when my OCD kicked in on a crooked label that she placed.  I’ve been using them for our fresh pickle jars too so we can erase them when it’s time to put something new in the jar when we are done with it.  Pure Genius! 

Kidecal has many options, different shapes, sizes and designs.  The website design is fairly easy to use, it lets you customize just about everything on the label.  I’ll be picking up some more, when the next load of hand me downs arrive!

Disclosure:  Kidecals provided Jenn with samples to review and use for her family, no other compensation was provided.  As always all opinions and 100% honest and her own.