Keeping Your Family Healthy This Fall

Keeping Your Family Healthy This Fall

I love the Fall — the leaves changing colors, the cooler weather, and all of the fun activities like apple and pumpkin picking. However, along with all of the good aspects of fall also comes some bad….the GERMS!

With kids back at school and the start of cold & flu season, germs are inevitable. If you are anything like me, the start of fall puts you in a constant state of worry. I have 3 year old twins that are former 27 week preemies, which resulted in my son having many medical complications. For us, a little cold can end up with an extended hospitalization so we try our best to keep the kids healthy.

Here are a few tips to keep your family healthy this season:


Yes, I am sure everyone has heard it before, but I feel like you can never be reminded enough about the importance of handwashing. It is the most effective way to stop the spread of germs.  Make sure you are diligent about washing your hands with soap and water so that you set a good example for your children. Teach your kids the proper way to wash their hands (see helpful chart below).

Hand sanitizer is a great alternative when you can’t get to a sink, but sanitizers do not always prevent the spread of certain viruses (i.e. stomach bugs). Washing with soap and water should always be your first choice.


Getting in the habit of coughing into your elbow or a tissue instead of your hands can reduce the spreading of germs. Teach your kids from a young age to do the same


Keeping your immune system strong will help your body fight off illness. Make sure you do the following:

    • Eat healthy, balanced diets. Load up on fruits and veggies.
    • Stay hydrated


  • Stay active. Even if the weather is too cold to go outside this Fall and Winter, do some indoor games/exercises with the kids. 



  •  Get plenty of sleep



This time of year, I run through Clorox wipes like crazy! Disinfecting surfaces that people touch on a regular basis can greatly decrease your risk of spreading germs. I will go through the house and disinfect counter tops, door knobs, light switches, cabinet handles, appliances, etc. It might seem like a pain to have to do this regularly, but a few minutes of disinfecting can save you from having a miserable, sick kid for days.


I understand it can be stressful to miss work or have to find babysitters in order to keep your kid(s) home from school, but please do not send them to school if they are showing any symptoms such as runny nose, cough, fever, or diarrhea. You may be putting other kids at serious risk by exposing them to germs.


I was hesitant to write this because  vaccinations are a controversial topic and I understand that it is a personal decision. For us, the flu shot is a must because the potential risks of the flu shot don’t compare to the risks of my kids catching the flu so we all get vaccinated as a family. Consult with your doctor and/or your child’s pediatrician to decide what is best for your family.
Hope everyone has a healthy, happy Fall!!