Hudson Valley Kindergarten Registration Information

Hudson Valley Kindergarten Registration Information


Kindergarten registration has begun in many districts around the Hudson Valley already.  For Jack we having a meeting coming up about Kindergarten and already went to the information session for the Catholic School he is in now.  Still not 100% where we are sending him next year, mostly it depends on keeping him in same school full time or switching to our public school which is half day.  He is in full days now so I am leaning on one more year of where he is and starting public in 1st grade.  Either place he will do great.   For my moms that have their kids starting kindergarten this coming September for the 2015-2016 school year, I made a list of all the public schools in the 6 counties, man is there a lot of schools 200+ that offer kindergarten.  Check out our Hudson Valley Kindergarten Registration Guide and get ready because they are moving on up!!

KregistrationHV Guide <<Long list!

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