Highly Anticipated Nintendo Game 1-2-Switch

Highly Anticipated Nintendo Game 1-2-Switch

Are you a gamer?  Do you like to entertain?  The NEW Nintendo Game 1-2-Switch is a a game changer (pun intended) and must have for party hosting.  This interactive game has your kids and their friends standing up battling each other at a number of games. Or you battling your kids or your friends!

I am a fabulous winner! Just kidding
The stare down between boys

My son and I attended a preview for this new game for the new Nintendo Switch system coming out March 3rd.  We had a ball, trying may of the games and we could not stop laughing!  With over 28 mini-games to play for under $50, there are so many possibilities and choices for everyone, no one will be unhappy.  Using the Joy-Con controllers and looking face-to-face with our opponents, we tried Quick Draw, Ball Count, Copy Dance, Milk and sword fighting to name a few.  These are active, fast paced moving games,  1-2-Switch, that all ages can play.  With the new Switch system, you can play at home or on the go.  Like I said, the possibilities are endless!

Yoshiaki Koizumi (L) and Shinya Takahashi (R) of Nintendo with Jack

We cannot wait for The Switch and the 1-2-Switch Game out 3/3/17, which you can preorder now.  Until then we are on our other Nintendo systems: 2Ds, 3DS and WiiU daily. Remember you can play on the TV with it in the dock or take it with you and play on the go.

Mom Friend- Geanine, and I playing Quick Draw
Playing with Yoskiaki Koizumi – Switch Video Game Designer and Producer

What are you waiting for the most with the new Nintendo Switch?

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