Heroes of the City YouTube Channel

Heroes of the City YouTube Channel

I know I have shared about Heroes of the City in the past because in my house it is an all time favorite on our phones and tablets.  Often I am telling other moms about Heroes of the City YouTube Channel and apps.  Jack and Charlotte’s friends see them playing or watching, especially with the recent Kids YouTube App release we are watching Heroes of the City more than ever.


Heroes of the City is show where vehicles are the characters along with a funny bird names Calamity Crow, my kids get the biggest kick out of his hijinx.  Geared toward preschoolers and children 2-6, the rescue vehicles in a small town teach importance of friendship ad helping one another, as well as everyone can be a hero.  There is over 6 hours on videos up on youtube currently.  Along with crafting shows, guessing the sketch show and memory games.


It truly is hard to find wholesome shows on Youtube, these are what you do want your kids to watch, and again educational, which is a major plus for this teacher-mom, check out the Heroes of the City YouTube Channel.  Check out our past posts about the Heroes of the City App.  Like I said I am a huge fan of Heroes of the City and my kids are too.  Check out their videos today, you will not be disappointed.

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3 thoughts on “Heroes of the City YouTube Channel”

  • Benjamin LOVES Calamity Crow. It all started with the baby app. Now we watch the YouTube videos everyday. He dances whenever DJ Sqwak or whatever his name is, sings. Lol

  • My kids would probably enjoy Calamity Crow also. They think silly things are just soooooo hilarious.

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